January 2019:

38. Married 12 years. No kids (of my own), 4 stepkids, 1 grandkid, 2 dogs. PhD. LCSW.

I’ve been overweight and/or trying to lose weight for a long time. I started gaining weight around age 13 or 14 and yo-yoed up and down (mostly up) for about 15 years.

My husband, Jon, and I decided to try to start losing weight at the beginning of 2008. I had no hope that we’d succeed and took a very laid back approach to the whole thing – no charts, goals or grand plans. I decided to take it day by day to see what would happen.

I started 2008 at 272.
I started 2009 at 216.
I started 2010 at 192.
I started 2011 at 182.
I started 2012 at 177.5.
I started 2013 at 169

I made it to 172 (100 lbs down) mid-Jan 2012.

I made it to 162 mid-summer 2012. Lowest weight: 158.

I maintained in the low 160s until 2014 when my weight started creeping up.

I was up to 195ish by 2017.

I hovered around 205 for most of 2018.

I started 2019 at 189, though, after making some effort late-2018.

I’ve tried lots of stuff over the past 11 years. I’ve done several rounds of Whole30, a paleo “diet,” Weight Watchers, etc. I’ve worked with trainers at small studios, have had memberships at numerous gyms, have tried yoga classes at various places, pilates, boot camps, a couple different crossfit locations, participated in a running program for a year or so and ran some 5ks. I’ll try just about anything.

These days, I’m counting macros and doing at-home workouts for the first time (supplemented with cardio at a local gym).

I have gone from being anxious about all of it to sort of just enjoying it all. It’s become a hobby of sorts, I guess, that ebbs and flows. My goal is to be healthy and fit – and to feel well both physically and emotionally. Sometimes I focus on it, sometimes I don’t.

I’ve learned that I don’t like restrictive eating plans. I am not a fan of eliminating food groups and have found that I’m never happy/successful when I do that.

I like working out and I like changing it up and trying new things.

I’m not a huge fan of the crappy-before and beautiful-after picture thing. I’ve always been pretty secure with who I am and haven’t had huge hang-ups about my weight. I haven’t always been happy being overweight, but I’ve always liked myself. I can’t say that the weight loss process hasn’t changed me or that I haven’t learned anything, but overall I’m still who I was.

That said, I really like pictures – so, pictures:




Henry, Sarah & Jon

December 2007

Sarah - Times Square - NYC

September 2006 (Probably very close to 300)

August 2008 (225lbs)

August 2009 (195lbs)

May 2006 and August 2009

April 2008 (About 245lbs)

January 2009 (209lbs)

June 2009 (198 lbs)

July 2010 (185 lbs)

July 2011 (180ish)

March 2012 (165ish)


October 2012 (160ish)


May 2013 (160ish)



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