I’m just about 3 and a half months since surgery and am definitely improving. I’m still pretty stiff – but that was expected, I guess. The surgeon thinks my shoulder is starting to “unthaw,” so to speak, so I’m counting that as progress.

Jon and I started this thing where we travel somewhere new for Thanksgiving – just the 2 of us. Last year we went to Stowe, Vermont. This year we went to Newport, Rhode Island.

His kids generally visit his ex-wife’s family in a nearby state, so we just catch up with them later. This year, we had a weekend at the cabin with everyone the first weekend in December. Totally cuts down on holiday craziness.

Both times we’ve booked rooms at small inns that we’d otherwise not splurge on – and we’ve booked at places that have some kind of Thanksgiving meal we can make a reservation to attend.

HIGHLY recommend this.

Anyway – I spent a few days in Rhode Island with some fancy pillows and then spent a week at a (work related) conference with some fancy pillows and it FINALLY dawned on me that maybe my firm bed and firm tempur-pedic pillow at home aren’t so great for my shoulder.

I know you can’t really prepare for everything – and maybe (probably) other people would have figured this out quickly – but it took me 3 months and some time in hotels with other options to realize that pillows with a little flexibility are better for my joint (meaning better sleep). So … there’s tip #1 from me re: shoulder surgery. Down pillows!


I’ve somehow managed to lose 15 pounds without much effort – so I’m about 20 pounds from my lowest weight. I’m thinking I’ll hit that goal in the new year, for sure.

Things have been super crazy lately so I haven’t been focused on it much, but I have been focused on maintaining, which I’m doing.

All of our parties and travel are done as of Sunday, though – so I’m looking forward to some downtime for the rest of the year.


I’m still doing acupuncture. In fact, I bought my own moxibustion thing.

The acupuncture guy also gave me some pearl powder. Supposed to help with the scar.

I really don’t care much about the scar, though. It is what it is. I have super fair skin that scars easily – and takes FOREVER to heal. The scar seems be lighter or darker depending on temperature and stuff like that – which is super interesting to me – so … I don’t know. I just don’t care so much outside of being interested in watching it heal.


Life is really good lately.

I feel like I’ve learned some kind of life lesson from the shoulder ordeal – or maybe I should have learned some kind of life lesson. Either way, I am a super type A person who likes goals and plans and likes seeing progress toward stuff. Nothing like a physical limitation that you can’t do a damn thing about to prompt some inward reflection.