I’m just over 7 weeks post surgery and I seriously feel like I’ve turned a corner. I was discharged from the sling at 6 weeks + real movement/exercise started at PT, so life is improving.

I remember some guy a few weeks ahead of me in his recovery telling me about how happy I’d be to be done with the sling when I was about 3 weeks out. At that point, I could NOT imagine taking it off. I was in pain, I couldn’t move my arm, etc. At 6 weeks, though – I took that thing off and haven’t looked back!

I am too stiff and am battling a frozen shoulder situation – and still can’t raise my arm very far – but I think I’m making decent enough progress.

I traveled (for work) to Boston last week and noticed that my shoulder/arm was super stiff and hurt quite a bit at the end of each day – but I packed my heating pad, which was some genius forward-thinking. I likely overused my arm – for example, I’m not supposed to lift/hold more than a coffee cup, which is difficult since it’s my dominant arm – but I tried to let the pain guide me. The actual inability to do things helped, too (had to check my bag because I can’t raise my arm high enough to get it overhead, etc.).

I have been following the advice of the surgeon and other medical professionals, but I’m doing a couple of other things, too.

1) I started acupuncture the week before surgery. I go to someone who specializes in pre/post surgery stuff. I don’t know that I have any strong feelings one way or another, but I keep going each week – so there’s that.

The other thing:

I bought this from the acupuncturist after a really bad day (pain, stiffness, etc.). I was almost sort of desperate for … something. I was just over it.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or what, but my incision went from being super bumpy (scar tissue, inflammation, ??) to almost completely smooth and just … fine … in a very short period of time (maybe a week). (I put it directly on the incision and the surrounding area.)

I’m honestly pretty surprised at the change. I’m totally sold and am using it daily.

Otherwise, life is chugging along.

I’m excited to get back to cabin stuff. We’re super close to it not being a construction zone, though there’s still quite a bit of work to do.

Our neighbor started building a shed for us while I was recuperating – so I’m excited to get all of the tools and construction stuff OUT of the cabin once he’s done.

I’m still steadily losing weight – slowly but surely (about a pound a week).

Overall, I’m feeling great. I haven’t exercised at all – and I guess I could do things that don’t involve my arm – but I’ll get around to it. I know I’ll feel even better (emotionally) once I get back to it. Soon!