So it’s been 9  months.

I have no idea what happens to time. Or my energy.

Things are the same, but they’re also very different.

I’m 27 days away from defending my dissertation. (!!!!!!!)

MC is 3. He and Jon’s daughter moved out in May, he turned 3 in July. That was rough. It was the best thing for them (and for us), of course, but I miss him like crazy. He has his own bedroom at our house and we seem to have fallen into a pattern of having him every other weekend – and now we see him twice a week for t-ball games, too – and we talk to him on the phone at least once a week – but it was an adjustment.

Jon and I hadn’t lived alone in 4 years, which seems crazy.

(Jon’s birthday last week – he’s 49!)

I’m still working FT. Still love my  job. Jon is still doing the same thing, except he’s in an MBA program, too. He’s been in a 16 month “professional” program – which essentially means he’s at school all day every Saturday and most Tuesday nights.

He graduates in December and I officially graduate in December, too (though I’m pretty much done now) – so we WILL BE FREE SOON!!!! We’re planning a freedom celebration/party the weekend after graduation and I can.not.wait.

We’ve done a little bit of traveling, but not much. We went to Chile in March, which was a lot of fun, but to continue the FREEDOM theme – I have a celebration trip planned for February 2018.


The dogs are doing well. I’ve been having Molly’s hair shaved because I couldn’t keep up with the shedding. Something had to give. Henry’s hanging in there with the diabetes. I think we finally have him on the right insulin regimen. Crazy to think he’s 11 years old now.

I can’t remember if I posted about the cabin, but we closed in February and have had a contractor working on it since then. We go out there every other weekend or so as time permits, but we haven’t really rushed him because we’ve been busy. The goal is for it to be done by the time we’re both done with school. We’re on track for that.


I haven’t been great about uploading pictures, but I’m working on getting everything to flickr now. I can’t wait to catch up. I have 17k pics on my phone right now so we’ll see how far I get.

I feel like I’ve been keeping it together for the past 3 years (since I started the PhD program) – but just barely. I really can’t express the freedom I’m starting to feel and the energy I’m feeling for other things/hobbies/traveling/etc.

27 days!

I’ve been hanging in there with the health and fitness, but – to be honest – it’s a struggle. I haven’t gained any more weight, but I haven’t lost any, either. I am still 30 pounds above my lowest, which is fine for now.

I just started with a new trainer at a small studio (maybe 2 months ago?) after taking a long break. I joined a new gym, too.

I’d really very much like to go back to 2012ish days when health and fitness were a hobby.  I see it on the horizon.

Anyway. I’m still around. Things are winding down. Looking forward to FREEDOM.