So I have this goal to post once a month – just to keep up with life – but I somehow completely missed March. Oh well. It was busy.

We went to Germany! And the Czech Republic!

Jon needed to spend a week working in Germany, so he planned it during my spring break and we added a few days for fun. We pretty much just looked at a map and picked an easy/close place we’d never been for the fun part – which turned out to be Prague.

We flew into Frankfurt and immediately drove to Nuremberg to stay overnight to break up the drive to Prague. It was one of those situations where we needed to stay awake to adjust, but were sooo tired by the time we got there. We wound up just doing a lot of walking and looking around and eating that first day.

Taking a break from life for a little bit. ❤️👍🎉😍



The next day, we went to the Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds before leaving town.  We did a guided listening tour and just wandered around on our own.



We stopped along the way to have lunch in some small town, but made it to Prague with enough time to walk around quite a bit that night before being completely exhausted.





The next day, we started super early and walked … and walked … and walked. That’s pretty much all we did the entire day. Walked and looked at stuff.



My watch says we walked over 7 miles today. I'm guessing at least 3 were uphill. 🙀👣😴

Easter market!

Got lost quite a few times and wandered down random streets.


It was worth it, though. Fun day.

We stopped for a drink at a restaurant before going to lunch that day (because, why not?) and I started to feel a little itchy by the time we were leaving. By the time we finished at the second place, I knew I was developing hives.

We stopped at a pharmacy where they gave me some Zyrtec, which seemed to help keep the big welts at bay. Only a few popped out on my face, anyway.


I don’t know what brings this on, but it’s the second time this has happened. Once in a small town in Germany and now in Prague. I think this time it was honey because I had some local honey in a drink. I have no idea what else would cause this. It scares me when it hits my neck and face because I worry about my throat/suffocation which I know is unlikely – but SO ARE HIVES, IN GENERAL.

We watched a movie and took a nap and it was totally gone (expect for some small patches on my arm) by the time we were ready to go to dinner.

We used Yelp to find a place to have our weekly Mexican & Margarita night (where we really missed Jon’s child #3 and MC because this is something we do with them).

Found a place to have our Mexican + margarita night over here. The money situation hasn't ceased to be a little jarring.

The next morning, we had a huge breakfast before heading to a concentration camp memorial outside of Prague.

Last morning in Prague before heading back to Germany. #breakfastfeast


I’d read about this one, which was used for propaganda purposes, and was interested to go despite it being a little out of the way.


We had to walk through this super creepy tunnel, which was the only downside. 1/3 of a mile didn’t sound all that bad until it became twisty and I couldn’t see daylight and some people up ahead – like, the ONLY OTHER PEOPLE THERE – started smoking. (Who does that?)




After that, we headed back to Germany – except the interstate was closed just outside of the town where this memorial was located – so we got really, really lost in the middle of nowhere/the side of a mountain in the Czech Republic.

And it looked like this (once we hit the main road again):


I knew we were on a mountain only because I could feel the elevation change in my ears, which was creepy.

After that, we spent a week in Germany. Jon went to work each day and I worked at the hotel, which was great. I really needed a week with no distractions. I wrote a ton and read two books, etc. Much needed.

We went out each night with various people from his office, which was fun. On Friday, his office organized a group hike & lunch at a small hut/sorta restaurant in the middle of the woods – so we did that.

Beautiful day hiking in the Black Forest with Jon's co-workers. Stopped along the way and had a fantastic blueberry pancake, which is totally something every hike should have.❤️☀️❄️🍴👣

I think we hiked 4 miles. Maybe 5. I had a HUGE blueberry pancake in the middle, which is totally something every hike should have.

We had to drive back to Frankfurt that night for an early morning flight – so we did that and stayed at a hotel at the airport before heading home the next day.

Fun trip. We missed everyone, though.

I don’t think Molly missed us at all. In fact, I’m pretty sure she was disappointed to leave the boarding place that let her play in mud. (!!)

I think it's safe to assume Molly had fun at the boarding place while we were gone. 😂❤️

Henry stayed with our vet and didn’t come home until Monday, which was unfortunate.

I think we were all happy once we were back in one place.


Henry came home today. ❤️❤️❤️

All is well again – and life is back to normal.




I’m REALLY looking forward to classes ending in 3 weeks. REALLY.

I am so burned out. These 2 years have been good, but I’m done with classes. For real.

I’m looking forward to having more time to live and focus on other things (like sun and warmth and good health and fitness and tv and my own work/dissertation).