Wow. A lot of time has passed.

Well, I don’t have melanoma. That was stressful around the time I last posted and then I just forgot about it. Funny how that works.

Life has sorta just been meandering along.

A list is the way to go here:

School’s good.  I’m in the midst of a crazy semester of really intense classes.  One is so abstract that the material is nearly incomprehensible.  I love it, though.  Best class I’ve had.  I’ve formed my dissertation committee.  Comp exam will happen in the next few months (fingers crossed).

I caught some kind of crazy stomach thing and wound up in the ER last week after 24 hours had passed with zero fluids being able to stay in my body.  Everyone in this house has been sick for, like, the past MONTH.  It’s getting crazy.  I’ve barely eaten anything but crackers and cereal since it happened, but I’m feeling like I might be able to eat real food today.

We had a crisis situation with Henry.  I got home from school late one afternoon and found him sitting in vomit and urine in his crate.  He was shaking and it was awful.  I bathed him and tried to check him out, but he wouldn’t move much.  Just sat with his tail between his legs and stared at me, wide-eyed.  I took him straight to our vet and his temp was low and his blood sugar was sky high, etc. We ran out of needles when we were visiting my mom during the holidays and went to Walgreens to get some (typically order/get them from our vet).  We took his insulin and explained everything, etc. (largely because they treated us with skepticism and were clearly reluctant to sell needles until they knew our entire social history, which is a problem for another day, but whatever).  They gave us what we thought were the right needles, but they weren’t.  So he’s been getting the wrong dose of insulin (too little) for a couple of months. The situation just deteriorated over time.  He stayed overnight at the vet’s office and was in much better shape the next day.  He’s completely back to normal and I recognize now that he didn’t feel well nearly the entire time he wasn’t getting the right dose.  He had stopped playing with Molly and was pretty grumpy with everyone and just laid around.  We just attributed it to … idk.  Old age?  Just thought he was grumpy.  Now?  Totally ready to play and bark and drive us crazy.  We feel really bad about the whole thing.  Lesson learned.



We’ve started some of the house projects we have planned for the year.  The first project: our hideous fireplace.  I’ve hated it since the day I saw it.  It’s a wood burning fireplace, but the previous owners ran a gas line and made that possible, too.  Jon wanted a stove, though.

Here’s what it looked it:


You can see how ugly it was in this cute pic, too:


I just can’t fathom why they thought that hideous tile would be a good idea.

We hired a chimney company to build a hearth, insert a stove and do some work outside (chimney lost a couple of bricks out there). They’re also getting the wood stove we have in the basement going (new pipes or something).

Anyway, they finished the stove/hearth this week.


I’m happy with how it turned out. We had to do something to the brick since there was no way to match the new hearth to the old brick – so we went with white. I don’t know that I’m going to leave it like this – might paint it – but it’s staying this way for now.

Friday night. ❤️❤️❤️

We have a contractor coming this week to start on a bunch of other stuff. Love/hate this sort of thing.

I don’t know what I last posted about MC, but he is like … a little person now. 20 months old in a few days.









His little hand doesn’t look like a baby hand anymore, but it’s still so sweet.

He has strong opinions and clearly knows how to say “no” now. He throws fits like a typical nearly 2 year old, but he’s a really good kid. He’s not mischievous and he stops doing things when told, etc.

He asks for 3 tv shows: Barney (“Ba”), Elmo (“Momo”) and Bob’s Burgers (“Ba Burg”). We have an Amazon Echo that pretty much exclusively plays Barney or Wheels on the Bus. We do a lot of dancing to both.

I suspect his 2nd birthday might be Barney themed. He’s a big fan.

He loooooves Poppy (Jon). He also loves the dogs and is great with them. He can be rougher with Molly, of course, but he gets frustrated when we stop them from playing when she starts to get a little too rambunctious. She’s just a little large and accidentally knocks him down, etc. He knows “hush” and “go” really well and uses both with the dogs pretty frequently.

(Henry had an allergy issue and ripped some hair out a month or so ago. It was a rough few months for him, but he’s completely healed. Just still looks kinda raggedy.)


He probably knows how to use an iPad better than I do, which is crazy.

He’s a great eater. He pretty much always asks for cheese (cottage cheese) and blueberries. Definitely his favorites.

He knows his name now (“Mace”) and has a ton of other words.


I suspect he’s going to be an animal lover, in general. He likes to watch birds and squirrels and squeals with delight when he sees them.


He also loves stickers right now (“sticks”). And books, as always.


(I look a little crazed/awful here – but whatever. This is life. And it’s what I want to remember.)


Ok, enough with the pics.

It’s just crazy he’s already at this stage where he can ask for a specific tv show, run into the LR, grab a blanket (“bick”), crawl onto the couch and then simultaneously pat the spot next to him with one hand (for me to sit) and hand me the remote (“mote”) with the other.

How did this happen so quickly??

I’ll come back with more to say about exercise and all that. Out of time.