So, November.

Our 9th anniversary happened.


I was in the final stretch of the semester and was super busy, plus anniversaries just aren’t really a big thing for us – so we didn’t do much. But it happened.

Married for 9 years now. Makes me sound like some kind of adult or something. ❤️❤️❤️ #100happydays (47/100)

We’re planning a trip for our 10th. Likely some place tropical. Good excuse, right?

Thanksgiving also happened.

We spent the actual holiday with my family in the Memphis area and then drove home (6+ hours away) and nearly immediately headed to the Atlanta area (3+ hours away) for Jon’s brother’s 40th birthday party.


Going on too many hours in the car this week. #worthit #100happydays (54/100)

It was a fun long weekend, though. I’m glad we were able to make it both places.

I wrapped up nearly all of my work prior to Thanksgiving to ensure a decent winter break. I needed some time do to NOTHING, and I’ve pretty much accomplished that. I’m working on my dissertation proposal and have a huge stack of books to read to prepare for an upcoming class, etc. but I don’t have any pressing deadlines.

I had a list of stuff I wanted to do during this winter break and I’ve accomplished nearly all of it – with a month to go!

I cleaned out and organized all of our closets, have done some yard work, cleaned out and organized book shelves and all of my school stuff. Etc.

Basically took care of everything that went into disarray during the semester. And caught up on a ton of podcasts in the process.

I’m done with Christmas shopping and wrapping and mailing.

AND! I turned our upstairs into a playroom for MC (with Jon’s help).

This is something I’ve been wanting to do, but couldn’t justify taking any time to do it until the semester ended.

We’d been using the space as a guest room, but it’s really perfect for MC.

It’s sort of odd up there. It was obviously the attic at some point, but someone turned it into 3 rooms – one large space and 2 tiny rooms that have built-in platforms for beds. One of the rooms is so small only a very small child can walk in it, yet it has two bed platforms.

(Doors to the 2 rooms at the top of the stairs – that tiny door is maybe 3 feet tall at most)

(Beds in the tiny room – one platforms fits a twin bed and the other fits a full, so we put both in there – the ceiling really is RIGHT THERE)


(Bed in the other room – this is all that fits other than a small chair in the other corner – but an adult can walk around in the room)

Weird. I guess the upside is we always have plenty of room for guests?

Anyway, the large space is what I wanted to use for MC.





I left the bed and tv and everything, which worked out. Got rid of a bunch of junk and turned the closet up there into a baby stuff storage closet.

(The lighting is so bad. Dreary day, not much inclination to edit photos.)


I’m still working on it, but it’s functional now and is working out really well. Looks like a totally different room. We’re slowly migrating his toys up there.




(He’s saying and signing “more” here to get me to keep reading. We have no idea how he learned to sign, but he just … does it.)


I don’t know what else we’ve been up to. November was a whirlwind of activity re: school then I went into full-on domestic mode and now … I’m not doing much.

Jon had his work holiday party last Friday night, which was a lot of fun. Several people gave toasts and talked about how much they appreciate him (as their boss) and it made me weepy. I’m happy things are slowly getting better and he’s settling into his new role so well.

My party is this week. I had a gala at school a few weeks ago and we went to a fundraiser for my work a few weeks ago, too. All fun events.

The tree is up and I’m done with presents as of this morning. It’s crooked and a strand of lights is out and I haven’t gotten a decent picture … but whatever. Good enough.

(Sunday morning tv watching. Not sure what happened to MC’s pants.)

I haven’t been taking many pictures lately because I just haven’t been in the mood (as evidenced by above – best I’ve got).

I’m also on a short hiatus with the trainer and the gym. Just taking a short break until the new year starts.

This has been my general attitude about exercise lately:

Social work gala + made it to last call elsewhere afterward last night + 30 degrees this morning = glorious morning to start running again. 😁🏃#justdoit #100happydays (49/100)

I think I’m just in some kind of funk right now. It will pass.

I love the start of a new year, so I’m looking forward to 2016. I think I need to go with a full-blown goals & objectives list for the new year. I know Jon wants to start running – for real – again and train for a half marathon. I don’t want to do anything that time intensive, but I’ll come up with something. I think part of my funk comes from feeling aimless.

I love a good health kick and I think we need one. My food choices have been less than stellar lately and I’m feeling it.

One thing’s for sure – I might quit and/or not accomplish goals, but I’ll never quit trying.