Ok, almost 2 months has flown by. CRAZY!

I don’t even know where to begin, so I’ll just start somewhere and hope to hit the highlights.

School is going well. I’m about halfway through the semester (or close). One more semester of coursework to go. I should be doing something right now because I have a million things to read/write/work on, but I have a headache, so …

Henry and Molly are both great. Henry’s diabetes is under control and Molly doesn’t look so ridiculous now that her hair is growing out. They both still love MC and he still loves them back.

She's such a sweet girl. 👶🐺❤️ #100happydays (7/100)

Henry decided to get in on the book action this morning. ❤️❤️❤️


I turned 35.

I didn’t run the 13.1 distance because I didn’t feel like it (we all saw that one coming, right?). Jon took the day off to hang out with me and we had MC that morning … so I went to breakfast with them instead of spending my morning running/recovering.


My mom and aunt came into town the weekend before to celebrate. My aunt is not doing well (cancer/brain tumors), so my mom has been taking her to see a bunch of stuff she’s never seen. She’d never been here, so the mountains were the goal.


We went out to breakfast one morning and I made the lemon/blueberry cake I love and we just hung out having a quiet weekend. It was nice.




I did a workshop at a conference in the DC area with some colleagues – and Jon tagged along. Super fun weekend. We ate a ton of good food and just generally had a really good time.



Headed to Denver soon to do something similar at a much larger conference. Both nervous and excited – but mostly excited. I haven’t been to Denver since I was a kid. The workshop is like ONE HOUR of what will hopefully be several days of fun.

I’m running again with the running group.

I’m just making it work with my schedule, which means I spend at least one morning each week running at 5:45AM. I’ve missed it.

Slow and painful, but I'm so glad I have the (mostly mental) space in my life again. #100happydays #running #canicallitrunningatmypace? (3/100)

Jon rejoined, too.

(And MC tagged along – in a stroller – for a Saturday run.)


I still work out 2 times each week with the trainer. Nothing has really changed there.

I’m just doing the 5k running program – so I’m not pushing it or anything. Just want to get some cardio a few days a week … and be outside … and be social. I go to their once weekly circuit training class, too.

So – I guess I get about 4-5 days a week of pretty good exercise (depending on how many runs I do on my own). Seems like that’s been my norm over the years, so I’m happy with that.

Jon turned 47!

We celebrated his birthday weekend traveling to see his child #4 play soccer, his mom came into town … and then we spent the actual night eating take-out in front of the tv, which is exactly what we both wanted to do.

We have a good life.

Celebrating his 47th with take-out sushi and TV. ❤️🎉🎂🎁🎊 #solucky #100happydays (6/100)

Jon has a (sort-of) co-worker in town from Germany for several months, so we’ve done a bunch of fun stuff with her lately. Took her on a hike her first weekend here and have hit a ton of restaurants/bars and other sightsee(ish) stuff over the past few weeks. She joined the running group with us, too, so that’s been fun.

Last Friday, she threw an Oktoberfest party for their work people at our house. The plan was to do it in our backyard, but it rained all day – so we moved it indoors.

Disappointing, but it worked out ok.


She taught me how to make spaetzle (which she served at the party).

Learned (watched) how to make spaetzle today - then ate it with cheese and sautéed onion and now I can never have noodles from a box again. 😋🍴🍺 #oktoberfest #100happydays (4/100)

And then I HAPPILY ate leftovers (with cheese and sauteed onions) for several days.


She had (drinking, obv) games planned for the party, so we did that stuff in the garage … and we were able to do SOME things outside when it stopped raining.



Fun night.

So MC is like … a little BOY.



He walks! And eats real food with us (though still breastfeeds, too)! And communicates!

(This dinner = a trainer meal consisting of salmon, eggplant & asparagus plus cottage cheese straight from the container (that MC and Jon both LOVE) and sparkly water from a can. Pretty typical these days. We don’t have a ton of time to cook – but we haven’t reverted to junk.)



He’s the sweetest, smartest baby EVER. For real.


I guess that’s it.

Just keepin’ on keepin’ on.

Life is really full and busy these days, but it’s full and busy with fun/rewarding/challenging things that leave me with little room to dwell on whether I’ve entered food into myfitnesspal – so I just don’t. I’ve been making adjustments to my diet here and there and my pants fit. Could be looser, but I guess I’m probably within 10-12 pounds of my lowest weight.

I’m good.