I can’t believe another month has flown by. Classes start in 2 weeks.

I was thinking the other day that I need to remember not to panic when confronted with wide open spaces of time because I always fill it – and it always flies by.

Except then I realized that this is my last “free” summer. I have 2 semesters of classes left before moving on to my dissertation. So – yeah. Not sure why I just realized that.

Free is a funny way to consider what’s been going on this summer, anyway. While I might be “free” from the confines of an 8-5 situation, I’ve been reading/researching/writing and have a pretty decent draft of a paper I’m hoping to submit for publication before the end of the year. I worked on getting some data in good shape and have an IRB application going. I’ve also been working on a couple of workshops that I’m doing at conferences in the next few months (with the help of some co-workers I recruited). And I’ve worked 8-5 at my office twice a week.

I think it’s just been a weird adjustment to drop the needs, demands and expectations of others. Everything I’m doing is self-motivated and self-directed since I’m not working with anyone at school interested in my substantive area – though I do obviously have classes where I have to earn grades (and have a great mentor who helps me navigate my path). I’m kinda liking the ability to work at 6AM on a Saturday or take a nap at 3PM on Tuesday if I feel like it.

I like the freedom.

Anyway. Things always work out. I think I’m mostly over the adjustment hump.

I’ve been plugging away at the weight loss situation and I feel like my clothes are starting to fit better. Honestly, though? I’m not trying that hard. Just trying to swing my ways back to smaller portions on a more consistent basis.

I’m still eating the same stuff I’ve eaten for years now.

Rice cakes with hummus and salsa have been a favorite this summer.
Having a rice cake with a little bit of black bean hummus & salsa. Guess Molly is, too. 🐶

I’ve been making a big salad each weekend for easy weekday lunch-making (had already tossed it around and everything had migrated to the bottom).

Still ordering meals from my trainer here and there. Typically every other week, but especially on weeks we know will be busy. I take them for lunch sometimes when I’m working in my office.

Jon made (baked) chicken nuggets for us one night with the coconut flour/flaxseed meal/etc. recipe he’s used for a long time. We had them leftover for days, which was great.
Haven't had chicken nuggets since my long-gone paleo days.  (ground chicken, flax seed meal, coconut flour, eggs, some spices and butter) #bakednotfried 🍴😋


I bought a new protein powder and tried it with almond milk in a shaker thing and in a smoothie and I still HATE IT no matter what. Always have, likely always will. I get sucked in every now and then when I feel bad about my low protein consumption, but I just can’t do it. They all taste fake and gross to me. I’ll go through this again in another year or so, I’m sure.


Jon still cooks most nights we don’t have trainer meals.
This was a chop a bunch of stuff and stir it up kind of night.  #plusrice

I still eat plain yogurt and frozen blueberries nearly every day. Some days with almond butter on top.

And I’m still eating the shit out of these homemade muffins that I make with oat bran, egg whites, chia seeds, yogurt, bananas and a little honey, cinnamon and nutmeg. I try to make a big batch every weekend.


(I just realized I eat at a desk while working A LOT.)

We’re trying not to eat out much and have been mostly successful. We’ve fallen into the habit of taking MC to Salsarita’s once a week when his mom is at work at dinnertime – but I don’t count that since we walk there and back and since I can eat pretty basic stuff.



It’s the pizza and the Mexican food that’s the problem. Always a work in progress.

Exercise is the same, too.

I’m still working out with the trainer twice a week – once during the week and once on Saturday morning.

I go to the gym two or three additional times each week to do the elliptical for 30 minutes. Jon and I have also been going to the greenway quite a bit for walks at night and on the weekends. We walked 5 miles on Sunday because it was a nice day and we felt like being outside – and then another few on Monday night after dinner.

Running is … not happening. I run here and there, but nothing like I used to. I’m just not feeling it lately. I’m still planning to do the 13.1M on my birthday, but it will be more walking/slow jogging than anything. I’m ok with that. Just want to do it, in general, and see what happens.

(Plus I know where I want to go for dinner and what cake I want – so 13.1M of exercise will hopefully balance all that. Maybe.)

Overall – I’m pretty happy with my activity level. I’m lifting heavier and heavier weights, which makes me happy. I still prefer that over any other form of exercise, which is likely why I’ve consistently stuck with it all these years.

I like walking with Jon or with the dogs because I like being outside and I like moving and I like being able to talk to him while doing it. I like that we can just spontaneously go for a walk with minimal effort/planning.

What I DON’T like is having to stick to a training plan. I think I would enjoy running more if I could let go of the idea that I need to be training for something and could just run for the hell of it. I could get behind running 3M or so a few days a week for my 30-40 of min of cardio (instead of the elliptical) – so I might try to work on that when it’s not blazing hot outside.

I just can’t seem to stick to something that requires extra planning or focus. It was great when I had the space in my life for it, but I’m just not there anymore. I have enough with the dogs and a household full of people and school and blah, blah, blah. I can’t do the running group anymore, anyway, because classes conflict with it.

Maybe I’ll have room again sometime soon. For now? Just keeping on with what I can do …

Henry’s doing well. He’s not thrilled that he has to go in his crate when we eat (so he doesn’t get MC’s dropped food) or that he can’t have popcorn anymore, but he’s otherwise pretty ok.


We’ve raised his insulin dose again and he’s on a maintenance allergy med to try to prevent skin problems (that could be problematic re: diabetes), so he seems to feel pretty good. He’s been super playful lately, anyway.

These dogs.  ❤️❤️❤️

Had a little problem with a new groomer. Asked her not to shave Molly. This is what we got:

Took Molly to a new groomer bc the old (great) one closed. Told her we'd shaved her in the past & didn't want that done again. Assumed she'd know how to cut her hair since she's a professional groomer and all. Well. Even HEAD and EARS have been shaved. Sh

Our old groomer did a great job – but closed and moved away.


Molly looks kinda crazy – and I was REALLY DISPLEASED that they even shaved her head and ears – but I guess it’s ok. It’s just hair.



She looks so scrawny without it.

Henry spent the day at his vet's office and I'm thinking they missed each other.


I guess I need to start looking for someone new.

Ok, how about some baby pictures from the past month?

I swear he’s a genius. Jon played the trumpet and then gave it to MC to try and he IMMEDIATELY made a loud hooting noise with it in his mouth.


It embarrassed him when we laughed, but it was so funny. He just knew it needed to make noise and I guess he decided to quickly go with what he knew how to do.






He looks so much like a little boy these days.