I can’t believe this sweet boy is a year old.


The past year has FLOWN BY. It’s sort of scary how quickly time is passing these days.


He has the sweetest, most joyful nature.


He’s crawling like a champ, pulls up on everything, walks along the furniture and stands alone for short periods of time.

His favorite word is “ball” and he LOVES balls. He also loves pointing at every round or circular object/picture in sight and exclaiming “ball!” He loves when we see balls in books and squeals and points and kills me with the cuteness.

I’m convinced he’s a genius, of course.


He loves to read books. We keep a bunch of his books in a basket in our office, so he’ll insistently start saying “ba” (for book) and pointing when we’re nearby. He kicks his little legs and gets SO excited when we get to the basket.


He also says “da” for dog, “yum” for food/water (along with a firm pointing of the finger to indicate he wants some), “mamama” for his mom and I swear he’s saying “pa” for poppy, though it often sounds like ball. He points at Jon, though, or reaches for him when he says it – so I think he’s trying. The other day he said “ha” in an effort to mimic me saying “hush” at Molly.


And the best? He says “bye” and screams it (and waves) whenever anyone leaves a room or leaves his presence or if he hears a door open/close. It sounds SO southern. I don’t know how to describe it, but it sounds like he’s saying “baaaa” – like a person with a super southern accent. None of us really sound like that, but we’re starting to mimic him when we say it back so it’s pretty ridiculous. It’s really the cutest thing ever.

So he was TERRIFIED of balloons for his 11th month pics, but flat-out loves them now. Who knows? Baby brains are funny.


We had a really fun 4th weekend.


MC’s birthday was the 3rd, so we had a party that afternoon.

Jon’s child #3 wanted to do some kind of theme, so she went with beach balls and bright colors. Perfect for the ball loving baby, but simple.


(I’m so glad we did this every month.)


The party went SO well. We had been hoping for good weather and had sprinklers and a little pool and all that – but it rained.

So we hung out indoors with all the beach balls. Not a big deal.


People from both sides of her family came from out of town, so we had a real dinner to feed everyone.


Jon marinated and grilled a bunch of chicken and we did the fajita buffet that we’ve done for other parties. It’s SO great for large crowds. Everyone always seems to enjoy it.

A friend of Jon’s child #3 made a cake, a smash cake for MC and cupcakes and brought them over the night before the party. She came in with this cute little beach ball cake when she got here – which we thought was the perfect smash cake and totally gushed over – and then she brought in a SMALLER cake to be the smash cake. We all just sort of didn’t say anything because I think we were too surprised.

We stood around talking about what to do after they left. I thought we should buy a new (larger) cake and just go ahead and use the small (cutest) cake for the smash cake since it was perfect for that, but Jon’s child #3 didn’t want to hurt her friend’s feelings.

Molly solved our problem, though. We turned around and found her chowing down on the little smash cake we didn’t want.

Seriously. MINUTES into the whole thing.


SO STRANGE. She never touches anything. She’s not a counter surfer and never steals food – even if we drop it on the floor.

Finding a decent/plain cake at the last minute proved to be a problem, but it worked out.


I think this cake – the one intended to be for the party people – was the perfect little cake for him.


He did not, however, appreciate the singing.


He wasn’t really into the cake, either, which was kinda funny because he kept giving everyone dirty looks.





He LOVED opening presents, though.


Fun day. I still can’t believe he’s SO BIG.


Jon’s mom, brother, sister-in-law and nephews stayed with us for the weekend, so we spent the 4th here. Jon grilled stuff and we were able to spend time outside between rain showers – so that was nice.

This is pretty much what Sunday looked like after everyone left:

I guess the weekend wore them out. Haven't heard a peep for hours. 😴😴

Great weekend.