We’re home from Utah! Got home on Wednesday night.

I had intended to keep up with short details and pics throughout, but the wifi was spotty at the second cabin and we stayed pretty busy toward the end of the trip. I’ve been trying to upload all of my pics this morning, but that’s going to take forever – so it might be a little bit before I get it all done.

I will never finish some sort of documentation of the trip if I wait much longer – which is what wound up happening with Iceland last summer – and I like having details to refer to – so I’m motivated.

Anyway, here’s at least what happened the day after I last posted:



We took a few trails that connected together to make a 7 mile loop.



It was awesome.



I’ve never seen anything like it.


We had packed a cooler full of stuff for lunch, so we found a picnic table at a campground and ate there after our hike.

(ham, cheese & spinach for roll-ups with cherries and carrots)


It was pretty hot and we’d already hiked 7 miles (and I was pretty exhausted since the last part was mostly all uphill), so we decided to just explore the area vs. doing more hiking after lunch.

We have one of these:


So we went in search of places listed so we could get stamps.


We went to several places we never would have bothered to learn about without the book, so I’m super glad we took it.

(Plus we got a ton of stamps – 9, I think – which gives me some sort of thrill. Weird, I know.)

(That Canyonlands sticker doesn’t really belong there, but I buy them and put them in there, anyway.)


As we were exploring the area – actually headed into Arizona – we wound up finding Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park.






My feet were hurting from the earlier hike and it felt like the surface of the sun out there – so we didn’t stick around long.

We headed back to the cabin and took showers and cooked dinner and crashed.


Such a fun day.


We made it to the Grand Canyon and then headed into CO City, AZ and Hildale, UT the next day. I’m fascinated by cults – especially Fundamentalist LDS – so wanted to at least drive through the area I’ve read so much about.

Hopefully I’ll get around to getting the pictures from the rest of the trip uploaded today.

So we got home on Wednesday night and I spent Thursday catching up on life. Went back to work yesterday. Re-started with the trainer this morning.

Missed this crazy girl. Will be so happy to have Henry home soon. ❤️❤️❤️

Henry came home on Thursday!

He’s still not 100%, but the vet thinks his blood sugar might drop some (overall) once he’s been at home for a little bit and is less stressed. Her office is nice and calm, but I’m sure he was stressed by other strange animals coming and going each day and being in a cage so much, etc.

We’re checking his urine every morning and monitoring the ketone situation via these things. I’m super alert and panicky about his health now, of course, so I’m happy to have this ability to monitor what’s going on (outside of watching for increased water drinking – and the biggest sign something is very wrong: peeing in the house).

He gets 2 shots a day and is completely unfazed. Doesn’t even flinch.

So far, both dogs are 100% fine eating twice a day vs. free feeding – and Henry seems to love his new food.

We have recurring alarms on our phones to remind us to start the food & shot process at the same times every day, so it’s a little more of a chore – but totally worth it.

He's home!

He seems to be a little more tired than usual, but he’s definitely perky and seems to feel much better than he did before all of this started.

He’s going to spend the day at the vet in a couple of weeks for a follow-up glucose curve (they check his blood every two hours) – so we’ll have a pretty good idea where things stand then.

Anyway, we’re glad he’s home. We missed him a lot.

I’m glad to be home, too. Utah was fun, but – as always happens on a long(ish) trip – I missed my life.