We’re on vacation!

We arrived in Salt Lake City around 1 on Friday after a pretty uneventful morning/afternoon of traveling.


We picked up our car, dropped our stuff at our hotel and went out exploring the area.


Found Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake.


Also drove around and found the University of Utah (and the College of Soc Wk) because … I was just curious and am weird like that.

We usually use yelp to find places to eat when we travel, so we did that this time, too. Wound up at a Thai place downtown (I think – I guess it was downtown? Seemed like it.).



We were pretty tired after dinner since we’d woken up before the crack of dawn, had flown across the country and had been out exploring for a while – so we went to sleep at like 8pm (MST).

Unsurprisingly, we were up at about 5AM yesterday. We wanted to walk around the city, so we did that once the sun was up and things were starting to open.


We took a tour of Temple Square and hung around there for a while. Seems like a bunch of weddings were happening. Festive morning!


It was an outstandingly gorgeous day.


We walked to see the capitol building and checked out houses along the way.


Jon dropped and broke his sunglasses while we were walking around, so we wound up talking to a salesman while buying some new ones. He suggested we drive along the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway, so we did that.


We stopped some along the way, of course.


Took it all the way to Wyoming and had to stop on the side of the road to note that.



We had a sort of weird day of eating. We ate some fruit and oatmeal at our hotel, but stopped at a restaurant downtown to eat more since we were still hungry once places started to open. We split some steak (breakfast) tacos, but also (because why not?):


We stopped in Park City for lunch and ate at a Mexican restaurant. Wound up with so much leftover that we ate our leftovers for dinner as we drove back to SLC (after making it Evanston, WY).


Fun day. Really very beautiful. We did all the things we enjoy. Exploring, learning about new places, eating good food, hanging out together, etc.

We’re headed to Moab today!

I am SO GLAD this trip worked out. I was so disappointed when we initially canceled it. Traveling is a life priority for us, though – so we just had to make it happen.

It’s been super easy and laid back so far – something I’m hoping will continue. I love traveling overseas – and I would never call it stressful – but there’s an ease to travel in the US that I’m appreciating this summer.

One thing I didn’t think about, though: our phones work. Having to make an effort to disconnect. I’m never going to want full disconnection, but I think I kinda like the sporadic availability when we travel overseas. Didn’t know that.

Anyway, we woke up at 5AM again today – so we’re just hanging out waiting for breakfast places to open.