We’ve had so much going on the past week or so.

Most importantly, I came home from work one afternoon and found that one of the dogs had peed on the floor. I didn’t know who it was – but was very surprised. The next day? Same. By the day after that, I discovered Henry had been peeing under our bed. This was so unusual I freaked out. I can’t recall the last time he’s had an accident in the house. YEARS. Many years.

Even more odd was his behavior. He usually acts sheepish and weird when he does something “wrong” – even when Molly does something “wrong” – and ALWAYS tells on her – so it was strange that he was seemingly unaffected by it.

We took him the vet Saturday morning and he’s still there.



His glucose isn’t dropping as it should – or his body is just slow to respond to the new insulin regimen. Below 250 is what we want (even though that’s high – dog numbers are similar to human numbers). The lowest its been so far is 320. Highest has been over 600.

The vet told us he lost 3 pounds over the 4 weeks since she’d last seen him. I have some kind of residual cancer trauma because I swear that was my first thought when she mentioned the weight loss. I started crying when she said she was thinking diabetes because … diabetes? I can handle that.


I can learn to give shots and can adjust life to accommodate this. Not a big deal. I wasn’t overly surprised, anyway. I knew the water drinking and the peeing were signs of diabetes.


I guess he really started having noticeable problems about a week and a half ago. That’s when we noticed he was drinking a lot of water, anyway. I didn’t notice the weight loss because I rarely pick him up. He had been eating normally (and continues to eat normally while hospitalized). The peeing is what really got my attention.

It’s been a sad week. I miss him. Our house is SO quiet without him around. He follows me everywhere I go and is nearly always in my presence, so it’s just … weird.


He’s been with us for every life adventure we’ve had over the past 9 years.


We met with the vet for a long time last night and watched a video about diabetes and learned everything we need to learn. I’m going back this morning to practice giving injections.

He’s doing really well and seems fine. The vet described him as “stoic” – which is SO true. He never displays any sort of signs that he’s sick (like lethargy, vomiting, refusing to eat).

Cataracts are really the only BIG problem associated with diabetes in dogs, but he had cataract surgery a few years ago – so we’re good.


We seriously have the best vet ever. We’ve hired her assistant a few times to dog sit when we’ve traveled, too, so I’m really glad he’s with them.

We’re due to leave for vacation on Friday, so he’s going to stay hospitalized while we’re gone. I AM SO GLAD.

I had been worried they wouldn’t be able to keep him so long since it’s a small practice – but he’s not really stable enough to come home yet and I REALLY don’t think it would be wise to have him come home to Jon’s (grown) daughters (who live here and are staying with Molly, etc.) at this point.

It’s just too much for them to learn how to do his shots, etc. Plus, we’re going to have to work on training both dogs to eat at certain times vs. free feeding, which is what they’ve always done.

Just not a good time.

I had been working on alternative options – just in case – but I was super relieved when the vet immediately said she also didn’t think it would be wise to transition him to someone else right now since this is all new and his care will be complicated, etc.

This is really shitty timing, but it’s going to work out. A HUGE stress was relieved when she so quickly said she wants to keep him.

It’s beneficial for them because they can continue to monitor him and get him regulated and get him used to the shots and the new eating pattern, etc. It’s beneficial for us because we don’t have to worry.

Hopefully he’ll be all good to go when we get back and I’ll have my shadow again.


We had 40+ people here just hours after leaving Henry at the vet on Saturday.

Jon had a “thank you” party for his employees and their families since it’s been a rough year for all of them.

It was so great. Probably the best party we’ve had.

I panicked after he sent the invite and people started RSVPing because while we’ve hosted a larger party at our house – we’ve never hosted a full-blown dinner for that many people. Or had people bring kids.

I intended to take pictures of everything before and during because I feel like it turned out really well, but I just didn’t. Completely forgot.

We set up everything but the food in our backyard. Used the shady area for the tables and our sunny area for games for the kids.

I wound up renting some tables, chairs and tablecloths, which worked out really well.

Picked up some cheap flowers from Kroger and some citronella candles and “decorated” as cheaply and simply as possible.

(Remembered to take pics as we were cleaning up.)


We had a local BBQ place do the food and I picked up a bunch of stuff from a local bakery for dessert options. These two things proved to be the BEST IDEA EVER.

There’s no way we could have cooked for 40 people without being ready to die by the time they showed up.


It was a really fun afternoon/night. I looked around at one point and everyone was talking and laughing and music was going and kids were running all over playing. It was just good.


I’m glad we did it. It was somewhat shadowed by the sadness surrounding Henry’s news – but the adrenaline that accompanies that many people showing up at the door took over pretty quickly/easily.

What else?

I ran 7 miles the Sunday before last. Then promptly ran 0 miles last week.

I don’t remember what happened during the week (probably just laziness), but I was exhausted on Sunday from the vet situation and the party the day before and just didn’t feel like doing my long run. I added an extra day of strength during that week, so that was good, I guess.

So far this week, I’ve done an hour of strength with the trainer and am hoping to run this afternoon. I want to get at least one good run in today or tomorrow, anyway.

I guess that’s about it. Just working, stressing about Henry, coming down from the party anticipation/stress and trying to get ready for our vacation.

How about a million cute baby pics?

He’s 11 months old now. Still definitely not a fan of the balloons. We didn’t anticipate this problem when we started, but hopefully we’ll get a decent picture next month to round out his first year. (FIRST YEAR!!!)





(I think our selfie days are over. He just WILL NOT look at the camera.)