Jon and I watched Fed Up at some point over the weekend when we ran out of our typical stuff. It was ok, I guess. Nothing surprising or earth shattering.

I’ve waffled back and forth for a long time about labeling food “bad” or “good” and have tried not to be a hypocrite – and really don’t care what other people choose to eat (except Jon because CANCER) – but I think I actually have some pretty strong opinions about “bad” food. I guess all the movie did was reinforce that.

It sort of pissed me off, too, that there’s a lot of money/manipulation behind helping people feel like processed shit is a “good” option.

I was definitely reminded about where I started and all of the turns my path to better health had to take (and is still taking).

I used to eat SO poorly. Like, really poorly. And I SMOKED. Sometimes I seriously can’t believe I used to be a completely different person.

This person:


I had to change EVERYTHING.

I’m not sure anyone would be able to walk away from an experience like this without some opinions about “bad” and “good” food choices.

I’m not sure I would be able to maintain a 100 pound loss without the opinions.

So I think coke is poison but I eat ice cream every Saturday? Eh. I’m ok with that. That’s been my path. Mileage varies.

I’ve had a pretty active week so far. Spent an hour with the trainer on Monday, ran 4M on the greenway yesterday and did 2M on a different greenway early this morning.

It was SUCH a nice morning. I was actually kind of cold when I started.

The run sucked, though. My legs were tired and I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m going to try to walk a few miles tonight to see if that helps with the soreness leftover from Monday night (with the trainer).

Great morning to be outside. 👍⛅️🏃

Unfortunately, I was home, had cleaned/straightened up the house and baked some oat bran/apple muffins by 10AM … and was quickly out of things to do.

This whole thing is really making me consider what makes me happy, what impacts/produces anxiety and what sort of stress I’m ok to live with. I think I was too busy adjusting to Jon’s child #3 and MC last summer to think much about it that time around.

I need to make some plans to fill some of my days with something other than writing (for school/publication) because it’s depressing being (mostly) alone at home for hours and hours every day.

I definitely have more stress juggling everything when I’m working or in FT classes (or both), but I’m happier. I just miss it.

(Someone remind me I said that when I’m bitching when summer is over and I don’t have all of this freedom.)

Jon took some co-workers out to dinner last night and invited me to tag along – probably because he can hear the desperation in my voice by about 5PM each day – so I got dressed in something other than running clothes or raggedy jeans.

The lighting is horrible in our room and the angle is weird, but whatever. I don’t have any inclination to figure out what to do about it right now.


This is seriously the most comfortable dress ever. Old Navy. I think it’s this one. I found it on sale and think I paid something like $13-15 for it, so I have it in a peach/coral color, too. It’s super loose and flowy and not too short, which is often a problem for me.

I put a cardigan over it.



Hopefully I’ll have a reason to get dressed again soon.

Nothing much has been going on, I guess.

I’ve been tweaking the oat bran recipe my trainer gave me to try different stuff.

I made them with unsweetened apple sauce and raisins today. Turned out pretty well. Super simple.


They’re just 107 calories each. 1 1/2c oat bran, 1c unsweetened applesauce, 1/3c raisins, 1/2c yogurt, 2/3c egg whites, 2T chia seeds, cinnamon & nutmeg.

We’re still ordering dinners from my trainer most weeks and still love the convenience.

I’m addicted to two new things. )Well, three – if you count the oat bran muffins.)

Love pecans, love these!


I’ve been ordering strawberry salads every time I go out lately, so I decided to make one for lunch at home today. I didn’t have any chicken, so I used ham. I didn’t have any blue cheese, so I used some shredded 3 cheese blend Jon picked up over the weekend. I also didn’t have candied pecans, but that’s probably best. I rarely use much dressing. This has a little balsamic & olive oil.

So good!


I guess that’s it.

(helping me with planks)





My tv watching companions. 😬