Well, I’m a solid week into the summer freedom and I think it’s going to be ok.

I decided to take last W-F completely off re: school and noticed that my stress level/mood improved some each day – so I’m doing the same this week. I’m feeling pretty good. I needed a complete break for a little bit.

I’ve been finding all kinds of fun things to do.

I cleaned out all of our closets and dressers and reorganized and donated stuff and packed away winter clothes, etc.

(Had some help from a cute assistant.)

I cleaned out and reorganized all of our cabinets, oiled/polished our wood stuff (like our dining room table), had some people clean our air ducts and polish our dining room floor, had our carpets and rugs cleaned, cleaned out file cabinets/my desk/bookshelves.

Basically did a massive spring cleaning.

I’ve watched all seasons of My Name is Earl and I’ve made a pretty big dent in 30 Rock, too. I listened to the entire backlog I had of Jillian Michael’s podcasts (and really miss Janice) and listened to the entire archive of Alec Baldwin’s podcast while cleaning. I’ve read the entire internet.

I’ve been shopping more than is normal (for me). I’ve been meeting Jon for lunch here and there. I’ve been cooking a little.

I don’t have anything else to do around here except major projects like painting the fence – and I don’t seem to have the motivation for that – so I need to start thinking about what’s after 30 Rock.

About the cooking and the recent eating …

One night I made this chicken thing I copied from a blog somewhere. I didn’t print out and follow a recipe (or save a link – so I’m not exactly sure where this idea came from), but instead just dumped a bunch of frozen vegetables and some cans of beans in the dish, put some chicken thighs on top (covered in garlic) and baked it. I roasted some sweet potatoes, too.

Super easy.



I made a ton of corn salsa for the party a couple of weekends ago, so we had that leftover for a while. I think I ate it nearly every day for lunch last week.

(added some grilled chicken)

(added some chips)

One night I ate a 500 calorie (!) bowl of yogurt for dinner.

500 calories for plain yogurt, fruit and a few walnuts seems unfair. 😒  #dinner #myfitnesspaldrudgery

Yesterday I had a nearly 700 calorie lunch out with Jon.


(I’m finding that I’d apparently just completely forgotten how quickly things add up when I wasn’t paying attention throughout the past year or so. You’d think years and years of calorie counting would mean this stuff is embedded – but it’s not.)

I made some banana/oat muffins earlier this week. I got the recipe from my trainer and worried they’d be awful, but they’re actually pretty good.

(oat bran, yogurt, egg whites, chia seeds, a little cinnamon and honey and a few bananas)

Looks like I'm going to be filling my free time this summer with baking. 👍👍

They’re sort of like baked oatmeal, I guess. They work well for breakfast with some eggs.

(I’m learning to love egg whites, so I’m doing 1 whole egg and the rest just whites these days.)

I also made some larabar balls. I was bored and googled to find out why I can’t find banana bread larabars anymore and found some recipes, so I chose the simplest one.

(just almonds, dates and a banana chopped up in the food processor)

I didn’t have any raw almonds, so used roasted ones. Other than being marginally salty, they’re pretty good.

Jon and I had a great weekend together.

We did a whole Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge day on Saturday. We’re only about 30-35 miles away, but traffic is usually a bitch, so we don’t venture out there very often.

We did our bootcamp class first thing Saturday morning (which was brutal and left me sore for 2 days) and then headed out. Had lunch (our “treat meal”) and went to the outlet mall to do some shopping.

Lunch was sort of a “treat meal” victory in that I convinced Jon we needed to get a 10″ pizza vs. the larger ones since I knew we’d have ice cream later. We’ve been getting huge pizzas lately and ALWAYS wind up eating every bit, but that’s crazy.

Jon was super convinced we’d starve, but we really need to get our food intake back under control – so we went with the small pizza. He commented that I was right later that afternoon. So, yeah – it’s crazy how easily something like this can slip out of control over time.


And yeah, we did have ice cream elsewhere later.


We went to Dollywood (Dolly Parton’s park), too, and people watched and saw a show.


Fun day. I was exhausted by the time we got home from the bootcamp and the miles of walking we did at Dollywood. We decided to skip the tram and walked from the parking lot to the park (and back) and I swear we probably walked 3 miles just from that. It was HOT and a little miserable – but better than standing in line forever.

I had a long run on the schedule for Sunday, so we did that at the greenway in Oak Ridge since Jon needed to stop by his office for a little bit.

It was nearly noon by the time we got to it and was 80 degrees with super high humidity. The air was heavy and the sun was beating down and there was no shade and it was miserable. Really. I’m not exaggerating.

Ever done something that seemed like a great idea at the start, but realllly stupid halfway through?  Yeah.  6.5M done, though. #toohot #noshade ☀️👣😜

We did 6.5 miles overall, but probably only ran 3 miles of it. I just couldn’t run up the hills and was super fatigued by the heat and humidity. It was my first attempt at exercise in that sort of weather this year, so it was just bad.

I would have VERY MUCH preferred to run the whole thing. I’m not super fast, but I’m at least faster than walking pace.

Not the best running day I’ve ever had.

Also, I might need to start having some sort of water/nuun/hydration with me. I don’t typically bring water since I’ve never really done any sort of long distance running – but I was REALLY wanting water that day.

I think I spent all of Sunday afternoon (after the run) asleep on the couch.

Anyway. Fun weekend.

Have I mentioned Molly won’t run with me anymore?

I was taking her pretty regularly in early/mid March when I started the Hal Higdon thing. Sometime last month, though, she just started refusing.

I took her to the greenway one morning and was a little short when I got to the parking lot, so I planned to run past the cars to make it to 4 miles. She was fine until we started to pass our car. We got a few feet past it and she just flat-out stopped. Wouldn’t move.

She was seriously running along happy as can be – pulling me faster sometimes when she’d see other people or dogs – until we passed our car – then just dead stopped. Of course there were people in the parking lot who’d been on the greenway, too, who thought it was the most hilarious thing ever.

I couldn’t coax her to move AT ALL and there’s really no pulling on the leash to make her move. She just looks at me like she thinks I’m nuts and digs in her heels.

The next day, we went back to the same greenway and I got about a mile in before she stopped. I think some tall grass spooked her this time, but she seriously would not move forward. I couldn’t get her to move AT ALL until I told her we’d go home. At that point, she turned around and practically dragged me the whole way back to the car.

I was super irritated since we’d driven all the way to the greenway and I hate interrupting runs, but I finished alone in my neighborhood when I got home.

I don’t know that I’ve ever encountered such a stubborn dog. She wasn’t hurt or overly tired either time. It wasn’t hot. I am NOT a fast runner, so my “run” is mostly just a trot for her – not exhausting. She came home and played and was full of energy.

She seriously just doesn’t do what she doesn’t want to do.

So, she’s out as a running partner. Pisses me off too much to be interrupted.


I’m somewhat disappointed, but it’s not the end of the world.

It’s getting too hot now, anyway – but it’s too bad since I’m generally running during non-peak times at the greenway (i.e., after most people are at work) and am a little leery to be alone.

I KNOW that random violence is very rare, but there was recently a stabbing on the greenway – exactly where I often run. A woman was out walking after work and was stabbed to death by someone the news is saying was a complete stranger.

I don’t know what happened, but I can’t help but think about it every time I head out alone now. I’d feel a lot better if my stubborn dog was with me.

So I know I said one of my resolutions this year is to dress better/more appropriately/care more about my appearance.

I haven’t been putting much effort into this one because … I just haven’t. But I’m starting to make a tiny effort.

I signed up for Stitch Fix after reading about it on a bunch of blogs and got my first box yesterday.

I took some horrible pics and I’m wearing a sports bra and I cropped my head out of all of them because I had been working in the yard and looked pretty rough – but here’s what I got:


I like this skirt. I could wear it to work/school since it’s not cotton/see-through, so that’s a bonus.


I can also move without it wrapping around/under my feet. I’m nearly 5’10” and these skirts are often troublesome in that regard. How in the hell do shorter people walk in them? I really don’t understand.


I’m probably going to send this dress back. Too busy. A plain cardigan might tone it down, I guess. Felt weird. I don’t know. Just looking at the picture makes me uncomfortable for some reason.


The jeans are ok and fit well and are super comfortable and all that – but I can’t wear distressed jeans (with legit HOLES). It’s just not me. I wouldn’t wear these to school (too casual) and can’t wear them to work – so I’m not sure they’re worth the cost if I’d just be sitting around at home in them.

I like the blue/green shirt, though. It’s a little tight across my chest, but baggy in the stomach – perfect combination. I might keep it.


This shirt is WAY too big.

Also, I just don’t wear sleeveless stuff. Ever. I know I can wear a cardigan or whatever over them – but I get tired of having to iron two things vs. one. So – I guess I was a little disappointed to find ANOTHER sleeveless item.

(Yes, I know it’s summertime. I just … like to be covered.)

Overall, I like everything – but I’ll probably only keep the first skirt and maybe the blue/green shirt.

It was fun to try everything on, but I am SUPER cheap. I can’t really fathom spending $60 on a shirt like the one above. $15 at Old Navy or Target? Maybe.

I knew the stuff would be more expensive than my norm and I’m fine with that if I LOVE something – but I’m not sure any of it quite reached that level.

This is probably not something I’ll do long-term, but I might give it a shot for another month.

I’ve been shopping on my own, too. This whole thing – minus the shoes – probably cost less than one of the shirts above. So, yeah.


I have some other new things, but I’ll get around to those later. I’ve had like ONE occasion to leave the house in something other than running clothes lately.

Anyway. I guess that’s it. I’m bored today. Obviously.