Well, my first impression of the meals we’re trying from my trainer? Great!

I picked them up on Monday night when I worked out.


We each picked a protein plus 2 sides for each night from a small list of options. Jon’s child #3 and I chose the 4oz option, which means each side is 1/2 cup. Jon chose the 6oz option, so his sides are each a cup.

Last night I had salmon, roasted potatoes and kale salad.


Jon had a crust-less quiche, roasted onions and peppers and a quinoa.


I worried the 4oz option wouldn’t be enough, but it’s fine. Looks bigger on a plate.


Tonight I had plain grilled chicken, steamed green beans and more potatoes.


Jon had salmon, brown rice and steamed green beans.


It has worked out really well both nights since we worked out with my trainer for an hour Monday night (Jon went with me since my regular partner couldn’t make it) and were super tired because we had stayed out late the night before (seeing Fleetwood Mac!). Definitely a night we would have bitched about having to cook dinner and I would have left the dishes in the sink all night starting the cycle that leads to Mexican restaurants. We had to run tonight since we didn’t do it before work this morning – so again, it would have been another hassle. Instead – took just a few minutes to heat. I think my dinner tonight was $8.50 or $9.50. I’m ok with that.

So far, so good. I’m happy with it. Will report back when we’ve had all 5.

(Out late Sunday night! In the dark! In something other than pajamas!)