Things have rapidly improved since I last posted about 11 days ago or so. Last week was crazy, but it wasn’t nearly as hellish as it could have been. Jon was out of town AGAIN, but I survived.

The Whole30 officially ended, which really just means I’ve reintroduced sugar. And rice (on a more regular basis). And dairy. I don’t really know whether I lost weight because I haven’t been weighing – but I feel pretty good. I’m not squeezing into my jeans, so there’s that.

Overall, I think January was mostly a success. A little too stressful, but nothing of our own making.

I revamped the monthly meal plan for February:


So far, so good. It’s all pretty simple stuff in the meat + veg + potato/rice format that’s easy to prepare. We all still like to have a plan hanging on the refrigerator, so I’m glad I made the switch.

My trainer – Alison – has a food business, so I had considered buying some of her meals for myself and Jon’s child #3 for this upcoming week since Jon will be out of town AGAIN, but I was super busy the day the order was due and never got around to it. I’m not sure what we’ll have this week, but I suspect we’ll figure something out.

I made it to the gym twice last week, but I slacked on yoga and running. I think I took Molly to the greenway once for a few miles.


We spent all day Saturday in the mountains, which was a really nice way to spend time catching up since Jon had just gotten home the night before. It was gorgeous outside and we had the whole day with no distractions (and often no cell phone service). We have this idea that we’re eventually going to buy some land and have a tiny cabin to go to on the weekends, so we go looking sometimes. We looked at 5 cabins (mostly in foreclosure), but I think we’re really more interested in finding the right land vs. finding the right structure. This isn’t on the immediate horizon, but it’s a lot of fun to plan and look.

Yesterday, we caught up on life with the house cleaning and bill paying and laundry and everything else that gets neglected during the whirlwind of the regular week. And caught up on tv watching, of course.

I’m not sure what this week holds, but I’m sure I’ll make it to the trainer tonight and I’m sure I’ll make it to the gym at least once more. I’m thinking I might try some yoga videos at home since I can’t seem to work up the motivation to make it to the studio now that the class ended (it was just a one month beginner thing).

Oh! I have a 5k on my list for this Saturday. I put off registering so long that the 9AM race sold out. They have another one at 11AM that’s not timed (I guess the race is popular?), which is completely fine with me, but I’m not sure that I want to wait until 11A to do it since that cuts right into the middle of the day. I haven’t decided whether I’ll register for the 11A version or just find another one for the month. We’ll see.