Last week really threw me for a loop.

I got home from New Orleans that Saturday morning, Jon spent the afternoon/night at the ER with his child #3 while I had MC, he left to go to Germany that Sunday morning and I wound up super sick with the stomach virus a few hours after he got on his plane. So, the weekend wasn’t great.

I laid in bed and hardly moved all day on Monday, but started to feel somewhat better that night. Tuesday morning I felt ok, so I reported for my first day of jury duty per the summons I’d received a few weeks earlier (Monday was a holiday). I was selected and wound up spending all day Tuesday and all day Wednesday listening to a car wreck case – missing all of my classes for the week. I spent Thursday morning going to a meeting (for school), trying to catch up on life and it was also “baby day” so I had MC for the afternoon/night. I worked all day on Friday (at my job).

I spent every spare minute on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday doing homework and trying to stay caught up with school assignments and freaking out about missing classes.

A stomach virus knocking me out for a couple days + jury duty wiping me out for 2 more full days + classes/homework/school obligations piling up + Jon gone + unprepared for the week = SUPER OVERWHELMED.

I should have tried harder to reschedule or postpone the jury duty, but I didn’t know that I could do that since the website and the instructions they provide don’t offer ANY guidance on that whatsoever.

I missed my appointment with the trainer on Monday because of the stomach virus and rescheduled for Wednesday, but we didn’t finish deliberating and get out of court until nearly 6PM that night, so I missed that appointment with her, too. I missed yoga on Tuesday because the class would have ended too late for me to have made it to jury duty on time and I chose to spend Thursday morning doing homework (since it was due!) so I missed it that day, too. My only options for running would have been in the dark – and I just didn’t feel like dealing with it – so no exercise happened during a super stressful week when I would have greatly benefited.

We hadn’t grocery shopped or prepped for the week since Jon left early on Sunday and I wound up sick – so we had NOTHING available to cook.

I know I ate bananas and Larabars every morning for breakfast since that’s my thing these days and I buy them in bulk.

I grabbed lunch downtown both days of jury duty and did ok, I guess.

(I ate this salad plain and wound up just picking out the chicken. I remember feeling pretty bad since this was the day after the stomach virus situation and I wasn’t 100% back to normal yet. I hadn’t packed lunch or prepared because I never dreamed I’d be chosen to be on a jury and would spend the day in a courtroom.)


(Lunch on day #2. I know the potatoes probably had cream or milk or something, but whatever. I spent that entire early morning working on homework and took no time to pack lunch.)


I picked up salads at Panera or Chipotle for dinner those jury duty nights since they’re easy and whole30 compliant and all that.


I was finally able to pick up some groceries on Thursday morning after my school meeting, so I grabbed a rotisserie chicken and we (me and Jon’s child #3) had our first (mostly) home-cooked meal for lunch.


Jon got home on Friday about the same time I got home from work and things started improving from there. We spent the weekend getting back on track, anyway.

Also, we did this:


(We actually ordered it almost a month ago. It arrived while Jon was in Germany and I was in the midst of chaos, so we picked it up on Saturday morning. This is the first car I’ve had that’s not super basic, ever!)

Things have been ok this week. Just the normal level of busy with classes and homework and all that. Jon’s been cooking per our plan and I’m back on schedule with exercise (and actually just got home from taking Molly on her first ride to the greenway in the new car – did 3.5 miles).


(I’ve been eating rice this week as the whole30 is winding down. I know it’s not whole30 compliant but – realistically – I’m never 100% compliant and I’m ok with that.)


I really can’t believe how much last week threw me off. I would say that I’m impressed with myself for not throwing in the towel and reverting to junk/food to cope with the stress and pressure to get a ton of things done with a time deficit, but I really don’t feel like I made THAT much of an effort to eat decently and treat myself well – even though that’s pretty much what I did. I know how to do it and I WANT to do it and I think the effort I put into the ongoing process to work out the emotional kinks paid off last week. I didn’t need to cope in some unhealthy way, I guess. I just felt stressed and dealt with it.

And bitched a lot. That helps.

Also, I have a pretty great life. I just repeated to myself that nobody was going to die if an assignment was late or if I couldn’t keep up with email or if laundry piled up or if I couldn’t vacuum every day or whatever.

A cupcake wouldn’t have fixed any of that stuff even though I SWEAR my brain told me it would when I walked through the grocery store on Thursday morning.