So here I am again posting from bed.

Up since 5 again. Got some solid work done before my 9am class and even turned a paper in today (a week early!). I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I stayed at school and worked until about 3. I was brain dead, so I went shopping at target on my way home to unwind.

Jon’s child #4 came home from college for the holiday today and brought a friend (from Scotland) with her, so we had a “fun” dinner.


I put Fritos AND cornbread in my chili.

They’re watching a movie in the LR so I came and got in bed and am barely able to stay awake.

I’ve been STARVING for some reason today. I ate a banana and Larabar for breakfast, but didn’t pack lunch, so I ate a kinda crappy lunch I picked up on campus.


I could.not.wait. for dinner.

Timehop was fun today.



No exercise yet, but I emailed to inquire about some stuff regarding the running group session starting in January. So that’s a step?