I’m already in bed and am totally exhausted. Woke up at 5 this morning to start working and have been busy all day – so I’m ready to be done.

Pictures from the day:

Breakfast on the way to a meeting:


Sample of some kind of bread a Panera employee offered while I tried to get some work done:


(This was around 10a and was cup #5 or 6 of coffee and coffee place #2 of the morning. This is the problem with getting up so early. Also with needing places to meet with people and to work away from the distractions at home. I have to buy something. I’ve been feeling like I should cut back, but that’s really only about a cup an hour given I started at 5. I guess that’s not so bad?)

Lunch (ham, cheese, spinach, yogurt, salsa rolled up):


Shared my (“simply salted” or whatever the plainish version is) popcorn with this one, as always:


Snack (plain yogurt w/raspberries, blueberries and a few craisins):


Dinner (chicken thighs baked with sundried tomatoes and roasted asparagus and rice):


Tonight was fudge making night:


And ornament making night:


Time for sleep.