Well, I read a little about vit D deficiency and learned that it can cause joint and muscle pain, so I’m going to go with that as the reason I feel so decrepit these days. Yeah. Sounds good.

Today has been baby day. I don’t know how to do much other than sit around hugging and taking pics, so that’s what we did again this week.


I know I’m not cut out to be a FT parent, but that smile and his sweet giggle gets me every now and then.



Jon’s home this week, so I had to share.


I don’t know what’s been up with me this week, but I just haven’t been super hungry for breakfast (maybe my body is compensating for all the ice cream/sugar?). I ate a banana on my way to my class this morning and ate a Larabar mid-morning when I felt shaky.

I went to Panera for lunch with the people from my cohort and had a salad.

I wasn’t hungry again until dinner, which Jon threw together pretty quickly with some ground beef we had on hand, an onion, a green pepper, bunch of spices, spinach, cheese and an avocado:


He wanted to order a pizza but I felt like that would be a bad idea since the weekend is coming. (I prefer for meals like that to be a fun weekend thing or special treat – not a regular weeknight thing.)

Having some pressure to keep a record of what I’m consuming has been extremely helpful the past few weeks. Myfitnesspal is annoying – especially since I’m not super focused on calories, but more on behavior – but this has always worked.

I need to up my pressure on the exercise front. I am working tomorrow (at my job – a week early since next Friday is a holiday), so I doubt I will do anything substantial. But Saturday! I will do something on Saturday. Really!