I can’t believe I’m up so late (1145p)!

I got home from classes late in the afternoon and canceled my workout with the trainer because of my growing stress about finishing a paper … so I’ve been working on that for the last several hours or so. Things were going well, so I just kept on with it way past my typical bedtime (9). I can’t stay up much later than this, though, and not be in a completely foul mood when I have to (choose to) wake up at 5. Big fan of sleep. I’m not sure that I can function on much less than 8 hours each night and have little desire to test it out more than a night or 2 here and there.

Anyway. Decent day. I noticed that I think I’ve switched from moderate level stress (which means a desire to stress eat) to high stress (which means little appetite and general stomach discomfort most of the time).

2 more weeks! I plan to do absolutely nothing productive during the break.

I ate a typical breakfast:


I packed my lunch but didn’t eat it between my classes because I was anxious and stressed about a statistics quiz for which I was woefully underprepared. Spent my time cramming stuff into my brain (with little success).

Fortunately, we were able to eat dinner pretty early since I canceled with the trainer. Jon’s child #3 made rice, roasted squash and chicken (marinated with some sort of lime, cilantro, cumin situation). She’s doing a really good job picking out recipes and cooking each night (we just buy the groceries). She seems to follow Jon’s general way, which I like:


Not much else going on. Classes all day, paper writing all night.

These two are pretty neglected right now:


But only because I’ve been too lazy to walk them as much as is typical and have instead been forcing them to play in the backyard. You’d think it’s torture by the looks they give me when they realize they’re going back there vs. exploring the world.