Weekends fly by way too quickly.

Saturday, Jon and I got up early and ate a simple breakfast together: eggs.


I worked a little, but at some point Jon’s child #3 and I investigated things going on around town and found that the zoo was having a free day. We decided to do that since it was a really nice day.

Stopped at Panera for lunch on the way:


The traffic waiting to get to the zoo was INSANE – backed up for miles. Jon was already less than enthusiastic about the zoo, anyway, so we debated other options and wound up driving to Gatlinburg. We almost drove to Asheville, NC, since that’s typically about as fast as getting through Gatlinburg area traffic, but we decided to risk it.

We spent the afternoon walking around and people watching and drinking hot chocolate.




We stopped on the way home at a random Mexican place we found open in a small mountain town.

(shrimp and chicken and onions, rice, beans)


The whole day was a pretty fun impromptu adventure. I can take Gatlinburg traffic and chaos about once every 5 years, so I’m good for a while now.



Today has flown by without much getting accomplished. I got some work done on an assignment, but didn’t finish it, started laundry, but didn’t finish, grocery shopped, but didn’t really prep anything. I’ve mostly just wanted to hang out without stress.

I skipped breakfast because I wasn’t hungry, so had yogurt for lunch. Had some snacks:



My stomach has been kind of hurting (likely because of back to back junky dinners on Fri and Sat night), so I requested something with ginger for dinner:


No exercise this weekend, though I did track our walking in Gatlinburg and found we walked just over 3 miles.

We’ve been watching Twin Peaks on Hulu for some reason even though it’s the weirdest BS I’ve probably ever seen. Time for that now.

It’s been a low-key weekend, which is exactly what I wanted.