My cohort at school (that initially started with 5 people) is falling apart. One person has already dropped out and another is very clearly struggling. We met this morning (my free, non-work Friday that I cherish) on campus this morning at 8AM at the request of the struggling person. It turned out to be a pretty exhausting 3+ hour thing wherein I left feeling completely exhausted but having accomplished nothing.

I had to leave that shitshow and drive across town to attend a 3 hour ethics workshop to get that portion of my continuing ed done for the year (for my state license). My academic credits cover everything but ethics now, which is fine, but gd this one was painful.

Jon was home by the time I got home, so the day rapidly improved.


Part of my grumpiness throughout the morning and afternoon might have been hunger. I wasn’t super hungry this morning, so I just grabbed some stuff on the way out the door (and wound up just eating the Larabar).


I had planned to pack my lunch but just didn’t for some reason despite knowing I’d have very little time before the workshop. I don’t really do fast food, so I stopped a gas station and found the best I could:


I think I ate everything but the pistachios. They had snacks at the workshop, but nothing I would typically choose to eat for just a random mid-afternoon snack (bags of chips, cookies, coke) – so I didn’t.

We’ve had a standing weekly Mexican and margarita night for a long, long time and Jon’s child #3 has been accompanying us since she moved in (along with MC now, of course).


Tonight was the night! (shrimp tacos, a slightly better choice than my typical fajitas or carnitas + rice + beans)


We stopped for ice cream afterward, as is typical.

Fun night.

Now I’m trying to stay awake so I can get out of the super early to bed, super early to rise pattern.