Woo! I survived the day.

Woke up super early again since I’ve been falling asleep so early at night. I decided to go to campus early (around 730) to walk for a while. It was damp and a little dreary, but it was also warm and gorgeous in a sort of moody way.


An obligation I had after my first class canceled and my class ended early, so I was home by noon. I spent my free extra little bit of time doing one of my favorite things: cleaning.

MC and I had a great afternoon/night together. (Today was what we call “baby day.” Jon’s out of town, though, so I was on solo duty.)



He’s a pro lounger.


He’s going through a phase or something, though, and doesn’t want to take a bottle (even from his mom when she has tried). Not sure what’s up, but it makes for some sadness and crying on both our parts.

We’re all in bed now.

I packed breakfast again.


I packed lunch, but brought it home when my plans changed and ate here. Sort of a weird meal, but it worked.


I made a weird but typical for me dinner: scrambled eggs and a baked potato, both topped with sour cream and salsa.


I had sweet company and listened to a Jillian Michaels podcast.


So, I made the best of my morning with a walk outside, had a good class, took advantage of some extra free time to get the house in shape for the weekend and squeezed on a baby. Good day. I treated myself well.