My nice thing today? In bed by 8:30 watching tv and turning my brain off with no guilt. SO tired.

I had kind of a shit morning. I woke up at 4:50 and was wide awake (which is likely going to happen again since I’m SO sleepy so early), so I got some coffee and sat in bed working on my laptop for an hour or so. A couple hours later, I got out of the shower and heard a weird noise. Went to investigate and found Molly in the guest bedroom tearing up a pillow.

Hard to tell, but there are feathers everywhere.


I was shocked. She NEVER does stuff like this. I am not really a yeller, so I think I totally freaked her out – but I also legitimately think she didn’t know she was doing something wrong. She was ON the bed, though, which is totally out of character.

Anyway. Half an hour later I left and wound up spilling coffee all over a brand new white shirt while I was getting in my car.

I had classes all day, so I packed breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Breakfast (plain yogurt, frozen blueberries and walnuts):


Lunch and snacks (ham and spinach for roll-ups, nuts and prunes thrown together, banana, Larabar and tangerines):


I stopped on the way home and picked up some dog toys in case Molly is just bored with their basket of stuff. Let them out briefly before heading to work out with the trainer.

(I HATE that it’s dark so early.)


After the trainer, came home and ate a great dinner made by Jon’s child #3 (chicken, asparagus, onions, mushrooms):


So, anyway. Busy day. Long day. Ending it super early.