I decided yesterday that I’ll try old-school journaling for a while as I try to get myself back on path. I have a phone or computer in front of my face nearly constantly these days so you’d think it shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish some kind of short post each day. We’ll see.

I did the #100happydays thing on Instagram for a very pointed reason. I wanted a reason to think about something happy each day. I accomplished the 100 days since that was the goal, but it actually took about 125 or so (and I’m kinda sad it’s over).

I think I want to do something like that. I want to do something “nice” for/to myself every day for a little while. Setting a goal to post about it will give me some accountability and will hopefully prompt me to be more mindful.

So! Maybe a month?

Nice things today:

I got up at 5am with Jon and finished up an assignment that has been stressing me out. The quiet early morning is my favorite time to work, but I sometimes sleep in until 6:30 or 7 and always regret it.

I came home from a meeting and piled all of my stuff up in my room and worked from the warmth of my bed for the afternoon despite my brain telling me that seemed “lazy.” I hate cold weather, but love the flexibility I have to work anywhere.

I made it to the gym tonight.

Some random idea popped into my head to look at frozen vegetables, which is very strange because we never venture into the frozen foods part of grocery stores. I wandered around and found single serving plain steamable vegetables which are PERFECT! So I’m eating peas as I type this on my phone.


Also took a baby break this afternoon.


(I hope these pics work.)


Good day. Made some really decent choices.

Back to work. End of semester looms.