OMG, I’m on week 9 of school – solidly in the second half of the semester, I guess – but have no idea what happened to the first half.  The past month has been a blur.

I’ve given myself 30 minutes to update here to empty my mind before switching from one tedious school thing to another.

So, GO:

1: School is good.  Great.  I love it.  I’ve tentatively decided to minor in statistics for various reasons, which is SHOCKING since I was totally prepared to struggle and just endure it.  I struggle, for sure, but it’s a good struggle.  I’m doing really well in my first class, anyway.  So, there’s that.  I am already in the beginning stages of talking about research design and data collection (re: my dissertation) and have a clear path and a great mentor.  Things are good.  It’s life consuming. Life is super full around here, anyway, but I am pretty good about locking myself upstairs and doing what I need to do. I’ve found a good balance/pace over the past 9 weeks that’s working so far.

2. MC is just over 3 months old now.  How did THAT happen?!?  Here’s a crazy amount of pictures from the last month (there are tons more posted at Flickr, of course, since he’s the cutest baby ever):


This boy. ❤️❤️#100happydays (71/100)

Going for a walk! #100happydays (84/100)


Bubbles! #100happydays (90/100)


He hangs out with me (and later Jon, too, when he gets home from work) one afternoon/night a week so his mom can work. I don’t get a damn thing done except lots of baby squeezes and kisses and pictures, but baby day is my favorite day of the week.

3. Jon celebrated his 46th birthday! We spent the day in Chattanooga just because we like hanging out down there. We ate some good food and his child #4 also had a (college) soccer game nearby, so we spent the late afternoon watching her game before heading home.


(MC is a major barfer! It’s really impressive how much this kid can barf back up yet still be a chunk.)


(Had to hide in the shade!)




4. Molly’s been with us for a year now.

Apparently most Great Pyrenees puppies lose their color as they grow up. I'm glad she's still a redhead.


Things have certainly changed this year.

Good decision. They love each other.

I guess you have to admire his bravery?


5. My mom got an adorable little puppy and came to visit. Super fun, but a good reminder that I don’t know that I have it in me to go through puppy-hood ever again.


6. This:

He was cancer-free a week later and remains that way today! What a nightmare. Happy to be on the other side. #100happydays (96/100)

Hard to believe it’s been 3 years.

6. I canceled my membership at one gym and joined another. It’s a little further from home, but only about half a mile away. It’s tiny and I like it. I’ve gotten into the habit of going around mid-afternoon on the days I’m home (no classes) to give my brain a break. I skipped today to write this – mostly because I’m super sore from strength training stuff I did yesterday.


I do my training “homework” one night a week with a friend at my gym and still meet with a trainer once a week (with the same friend) outside of the gym. It works out that I do strength training stuff twice a week (an hour each time) and cardio type stuff about 2-3 times a week depending on what’s going on. I gave up on the running group for now because the timing is just off given my new schedule. I had to make a choice to do what works for my life right now – and what I’m doing works. I’ve gone to the greenway to run a few miles a couple different times recently on nice days instead of going to the gym. I’ll probably keep that up as the weather changes since I love cold weather running.

Jon is back at a crossfit gym 3 times a week. I think he started 2 or 3 weeks ago? He loves crossfit, so I’m glad he chose to go back after a several years long hiatus. He’s feeling it since he’s out of shape, but I guess the lesson is never give up?

We still meal plan and prep each Sunday. Jon’s child #3 usually cooks several nights a week based on the menu we’ve created or we throw something in the crock pot. We’re trying to reign in the restaurant habit we’d gotten into given how busy things have been around here (an ongoing life thing – we ALWAYS revert to restaurants when we’re busy which is EXPENSIVE and crazy since it always leads to eating more and eating more junk). We’re back down to one or two nights out a week (including weekends) vs. three or four, so we’re making progress.

Time’s up.

Life is good. Just busy. I’m getting the hang of school and having a baby around and all of the other/subsequent changes that have happened recently and am starting to resurface. Looks like I’ve survived mostly unscathed.

Having a lunch date courtesy of the gift card my kind co-workers gave me + I have a free daily cookie reward this month + I still had a free birthday treat to pick. #sugar! #100happydays (85/100)