Ok, so classes start in 2 weeks. How did THAT happen?!?

I’ve basically done nothing to prepare except RSVP for a reception that’s happening next week and put the orientation date on my calendar. I’m surprisingly relaxed about the whole thing.

I have no idea why I can’t seem to stop complicating my life or whether I’ll actually be able to DO IT (i.e., pass the classes, write something publishable, finish) – but I’m not super worked up over it for some reason. I’m sure it helps that I’m familiar with the school and with a lot of the faculty and staff. I also feel pretty sure that I’ll be fine – career-wise – if I totally fail since there are several paths I can take. I’ll just go back down the one I just veered from should this not work out.

Don’t get me wrong, failure is NOT an option. I just always like to have a back-up plan in mind when starting something new.

The baby? Killing me with the cute and sweet and squishy.

I'll stop posting pics when he stops being so cute and sweet.  Mason, too.

Just love this baby and his silly faces.

He’s a month old now, which is crazy.


I was gone for a week and came home to a baby, not an infant.


He is so much fun. I know Jon’s child #3 will eventually want to move on with life and not live with us, but I can’t think about that now.

#faceoftheday #100happydays (49/100)

Just about everyone IRL has been asking if having MC around prompts me to want to have a baby of my own. I don’t really have an answer to that question except to say that it would take a LOT of work for us to have a biological baby (primarily because Jon had a vasectomy 20 years ago after his youngest child – #4 – was born) and I’ve never felt like dealing with it. MC hasn’t really changed that mindset much.

I’ve never had a strong desire to have a baby and have never wanted to be pregnant (and still have zero desire) … and I’ve been busy … and I’ve always felt pretty lucky to be married to someone who loves kids and is a great dad, but had kids before me … so there you go. I love babies and kids and people, in general – I’ve just never envisioned a life with children of my own. We briefly checked into adoption before MC came about and I guess that’s still on the table, but again – it’s a lot of work. Jon is totally on board with it and is seemingly somewhat more interested and less apprehensive, in general – so who knows where life will go?

Do I suddenly have baby fever? No.

The week I was gone? On a cruise with my mom. I started recapping it here, but it became super long. I’ll do a separate post about that because I have a million pictures.

I totally packed running stuff, but never exercised once the entire week I was gone. In fact, I was starting to feel super antsy by the time I got off the boat because I was itching to do SOMETHING active.

I went straight from the cruise to Asheville, NC for a wedding, though, and spent the weekend there – and still didn’t exercise – though I walked a legit MILE in heels, which I NEVER wear, which should count as SOMETHING since I had to exert serious effort to walk and wound up with a blister.


Got home late Sunday afternoon, so I guess I have no excuse for why I haven’t done anything at all this week – except I’m tired. I’m meeting a friend later to walk our dogs together and I have an appointment with the trainer tomorrow, so the week won’t be a total wash.

I have no idea what I weigh because I haven’t weighed myself in ages. My clothes all fit, though, and the dress I bought for the wedding? Size 8. I know I’m supposed to be all progressive and not care about that, but I do. Could have totally been vanity sizing, but I think it’s the first time I’ve bought a single digit size. (Maybe? I don’t recall having any other single digit sized clothing.)

I ate a ton of shit on the cruise and had some pretty decadent meals in Asheville. My stomach was killing me by Sunday afternoon, so I’m getting back on track. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to have yogurt for breakfast as I was on Monday morning.