Life is flying by at an alarming rate these days. I was worried about the time I’ve taken off between work and school and now I just want that time to SLOW DOWN.

As is typical, I would have no memory of the past two(ish) weeks if I didn’t have Flickr. So, here’s what’s been going on:

We thought Jon’s child #3 and MC (not what we call him, but works here) would be discharged from the hospital the morning after my last post. Unfortunately, MC was doing some gagging and choking that the doctors wanted to monitor for one more night. Jon and I stayed overnight to give her mother a break since she’d stayed the night before.


I haven’t slept in an uncomfortable pull-out hospital chair since Jon’s cancer surgery – which I thought about all night.

It was freezing, so we dressed in layers. I woke up the next morning with a super sore throat that turned into a cold or sinus infection or something that lingered for the next week. It sucked.


They discharged the next afternoon after waiting around forever.


(For some reason, the waiting and the need to gain approval to leave from the hospital staff just irked me. I have a lot of patience in almost all arenas of life, but feeling trapped in a godforsaken hospital just pushes some buttons. Kept that to myself, of course, but damn. I’m irritated now just recalling it.)

Jon drove them to her mom’s house and dropped them off for the week and we went home and promptly sat on the couch for hours without moving. We were both totally exhausted from having spent nearly every moment of the long weekend at the hospital and we didn’t even have to do any of the work of producing a child.

OMG this baby. They visited a couple of times before coming home for good the weekend after he was born and each time they left we sat around talking about how we couldn’t wait for them to get back.

5 days old:

Not sure that I've ever met such a completely content baby.

Got in some good practice making faces tonight.


They’re home!:


Mason, day 11.

This baby.  (day 12)

Post-dinner walk. #100happydays

He’s just the cutest little thing ever.

Clearly the cutest baby ever.


I could post pics all day.


He apparently has something to say.  #faceoftheday

So sweet.

Other than loving on a baby, we’ve been cooking and have had friends over and I’ve been meeting Jon for lunch most days since I’m free, etc.

Repeat of last night for brunch. #starving #nevertooearlyforgreens #bringonthepie

All my mommyblog reading over the years paid off when I was able to introduce Jon’s child #3 to lactation cookies.

I now know more about lactation cookies than a non-lactating person should probably know, but any reason to bake cookies, right?  #100happydays (31/100).

I followed that up with learning how to make a pie. Blackberry!

Won't win any appearance awards, but I made my first pie today. Blackberry! #100happydays (34/100)

I worked a day (at my job). I’ve been working out with the trainer and doing the homework she assigns. I’ve also been trying to run here and there and have some idea that I might start training for a half marathon in October. I’ve done one week of Hal Higdon’s plan so far with the thought that I might keep up with that and re-join my running group when they start the fall session. We’ll see.

Taking advantage of the 64 degree morning. Might be enjoying this jobless situation a little more than I should.  #100happydays (32/100)

I completed my licensure application and am just waiting to hear back with approval so I can take the exam. (Took nearly 3 yrs to accomplish 3000 clinical hours + 100 supervision hours. I was SO anxious to send this packet.)

Took nearly 3 yrs to accomplish 3000 clinical hours + 100 supervision hours. Just have to wait for approval + an exam date. Almost there! #100happydays (30/100)

I checked in at the university and picked my office.

Claimed my office today. First come, first served re: the space and furniture, so being local paid off.  #100happydays (33/100)

Just loving life right now. All that stress about having nothing do? Completely gone.

Not feeling so great today, but that just means couch time with my favorite person (who may have begun to grow weary of my pic taking ways).  #100happydays