It’s happening!

Adventure begins! Free flight situation means we're spending a day/night in Detroit (Ann Arbor!) and afternoon in NYC - as if those things are a hardship.

We have a sort of crazy situation before we actually get to Iceland since we booked via frequent flyer miles – but we’re on our way.

We’re currently at the tail end of a 22 hour layover in Detroit. We arrived at 2pm yesterday, so we rented a car and drove to Ann Arbor for the night. I haven’t been back since I graduated, so it was nice to reminisce. We drove past our apartment and walked around campus and walked around downtown, etc.

It was fun to sort of step back into this old life for a day. Drove by my apt, walked around campus, hit 3 restaurants in one night. About sums up my AA experience.

The weather was fantastic, so we had a great dinner outside.


Jon was in the mood to drink, so we made it to a couple of different places to accomplish that …



Fun night.

We woke up this morning and stopped for breakfast on the way to the airport. We’re now sitting and waiting to fly to LaGuardia.

One last feast before heading to the airport. Fantastic 22 hour layover.

We’ll have about 8 hours before we fly out of JFK to Iceland, so I suppose we’ll find something to do in NYC for a few hours since we have to leave one airport for another, anyway.

I am super excited about Iceland, of course, but have had a fantastic time in MI. I’m glad things worked out this way.

We’ve rented a car and will be driving around the Ring Road that travels around the island, but that’s our only plan for Iceland at this point.

A friend (who has been there) suggested that we bring some food, just in case – so I packed a small bag. I’m not sure what to expect food-wise, but there’s some idea that I might not be super thrilled with my choices since I don’t like lamb or some seafood (i.e., I don’t like lobster). Either way, I’m excited to see what we find and hope I don’t have to rely on (boring) granola bars and almond butter.

First time packing food for a trip. Trying to prevent total gluttony and/or the hangry.

I didn’t pack any running clothes, but I did pack my Garmin in case I decide to walk for miles on end, I guess. I haven’t been running much lately, anyway, and don’t see myself pushing it.

In other news … life has pretty much been the same. I’ve been doing the strength training thing a couple of times a week. Been skipping runs for reasons mostly unknown to me, but somewhat due to a perceived lack of time and shift in priority. I co-hosted an engagement party at my house on Sunday and had 55+ people show. It was awesome. I chopped off several inches of my hair.





Still not totally sure how I feel about it since some of the layers are pretty aggressively short.


Time to go!

Such a sweet face.