It’s been another good week. Jon left last Sunday morning and was gone all week and it stormed and rained a couple of days and I had a dog puking incident that necessitated baths for both before dawn one morning – so I guess it technically could have been better – but it really wasn’t so bad.

This weekend, especially, has been nice.

Everyone is always thrilled to see Jon.




The weather has been gorgeous, too.

Too gorgeous not to do our reading + iPad watching outside today.

Had to take advantage and spend the afternoon outside yesterday.


Oh, and this assembly happened:


Monday: Strength training homework (40 minutes), 30 minutes on the elliptical while I was at the gym, 2M walk with Molly when I got home from the gym.
Tuesday: Running group started up again! I think I ran about 2-2.5M between the warmup and the goal for the night. I walked Molly about a mile when I got home.
Wednesday: Strength training with trainer for an hour. Walked Molly maybe half a mile because it was raining on us.
Thursday: Running group’s core class (30 minutes of circuit training stuff – 12 stations, I think, of things like jumping jacks, pushups, planks, squats, etc. for 40 seconds each before rotating). Molly and I made it about a mile once I got home because I was starving.
Friday: Nothing. Didn’t even walk Molly because Jon came home and did it.
Saturday: 3M run
Sunday: So far Jon and I have walked Molly our 2M route. Will likely run a few miles later this morning.

So, running:

I’m doing the SumSPEED program. Here’s what the website says:

Throughout the SumSPEED program, runners will have a schedule that is light on quantity, but high on quality. We will be focusing on hills, intervals, drills, fartleks and strengthening exercises such as plyos and core work. The mix of running and strength-work will be a new approach for many and provide a new stimulus that will break even the most competitive runner out of their training “rut”.

We met at the Univ of TN track on Tuesday night and did this:


We broke the mile by resting for 45 seconds after each 400m. My goal was to do the mile in about 10 minutes. We broke the 800 with 30 second rests. I didn’t have a HR monitor with me, so the coach did my HR manually (because feeling my own heart beating creeps me right out). I think the max HR on the broken mile is accurate because I caught her right when I got off the track. I had to wait around for a minute after the 800m while she did someone else, so the 126 is definitely not max for that. Either way, I calculated the threshold and tempo info based on 174.

The program has changed a little bit this time around. Instead of receiving a plan for each day of the week, we were given mileage to spread out however we want. I chose the lower end: 20M for the week, which makes my Saturday long runs 6M (which – see above – I obv didn’t do). We are supposed to do our threshold and tempo runs whenever we want throughout the week.

Realistically, I don’t know that I’m actually going to run 20M each week. We’ll see. I do 2 days of strength training that I’m not willing to give up and I enjoy the running group’s core class (making that 3 nights of non-running exercise). The running group meets 2 days a week, which would get me to about half of my weekly mileage if I’m able to do the prescribed long run each Saturday. That leaves 2 days of the week free to run the other half of my mileage – or rest or whatever.

Problem: I did not feel ready to run 6M yesterday and doubt I’ll feel ready to run 6M next weekend. I ran 3M yesterday and am ok with that. If I run 3M on Saturdays and 2 or 3 on Tuesday nights, that leaves 15M for me to make up during those 2 free days I have, though. Highly unlikely. Especially since I need at least one rest day. I’m sure I’ll eventually be fine to run 6M – and very likely CAN right now – I just don’t really want to push it.

My plan is to run on Tuesdays and Saturdays with the group and to try to fit in some miles here and there as I can. No pressure. This is supposed to be fun, so I’m just going to alter the program to fit my lifestyle. I only have a few free hours each day to try to balance all of the things I need to balance. I’m going to fit in what I can, but I’m not going to drive myself crazy over it or create unneeded stress. Maybe my 2M walks with Molly each day will become 2M runs?

I need the group for motivation to run (and accountability), for fun, for socializing, etc. – so that’s what I’m using it for.

I think I’ve figured out why I haven’t been super motivated with the food pictures lately.

This is what’s typical these days with the exercise and the dog walking and the spouse traveling:

Monday night – mashed up a few eggs with some mayo and jalapeno slices and plopped it on a plain rice cake.


Tuesday night I switched it up and just had turkey, swiss and spinach rollups (that I eat more like tacos) – likely because I ate the egg thing for lunch.


Wednesday night I felt wild and added a couple of graham crackers.


And here we are yet again on Thursday – just with pepperjack cheese this time.


I’m pretty sure I ate some combination of these exact things for lunch each day, too.

Here’s a snack I threw in my purse one day, though:

(an ounce of mixed nuts and a box of craisins)


Things always improve when Jon gets home. Friday night we went out for pizza. Yesterday, we took a couple of his kids out for lunch to celebrate his child #3’s 21st birthday. We ordered fried green tomatoes (with goat cheese grits) and fried okra to split.



I wound up ordering scrambled eggs, sausage and home fries because apparently I hadn’t had enough eggs even though I ate TWO DOZEN from last Sunday morning to Friday afternoon.

(In my defense, I think they’re good/easy protein that just happen to be really simple to cook since I boil a dozen at a time. Plus I like them.)

We had leftover pizza for dinner last night and I, of course, had my fair share of cake.


Today, I’m feeling sick from the pizza, cake and fried stuff and am ready for my plain rice cakes (and eggs).