Last week sort of flew by in a blur of work, dog walking, house cleaning monotony. I was in a bad mood for most of it (up to and including the entire weekend) and I’m not sure what was going on other than a lack of ability/time/emotional strength to cope with the stress of the changes that are happening around here.

Jon and I are reevaluating some things since it seems like we’re both overwhelmed with work and life right now and are being stretched in ways we don’t want to be stretched. Things will get easier when I have the flexibility of an academic schedule again (which is easy to say right now when I don’t have a million pages to read/words to write BUT I’M GOING WITH THIS FANTASY), but for now – we’ve got about 3 free hours after work each night (since neither of us will sacrifice sleep) and 2 weekend days to accomplish the many things we want to accomplish. I think we’ve let things get a little out of hand since it’s starting to feel like all of that free time is being spent on drudgery.

We just need to reign things in and re-prioritize so we’re spending our time the way we want to spend our time vs. just surviving our days. One attempt at that: changing our minds while standing in Home Depot on Saturday morning about to purchase a lawn mower. We both voted to adjust the budget somewhere else so we can keep the lawn service we’ve had for several years now once confronted with the reality of the situation. We REALLY thought about how much time we’ll spend doing yard work each week and decided it’s just not worth it. We called to make arrangements with the lawn people as we stood in the store and put that issue right to bed. Who knows why we even thought about making life harder right now?

Anyway. Here’s what last week looked like re: exercise. Not so great.

Monday – (first ever!) spin class at 5:30AM, strength training at 5:30PM where I did something like 150 air squats and 90 lunges without a trainer making me do it (which is generally unheard of for me)
Tuesday – nothing (skipped running group because I left work too late and was too tired to rush to one more thing)
Wednesday – 1 hour strength training session at 6PM
Thursday – walk around the block with Molly (maybe 3/4M?)
Friday – date night followed by a walk around the block with Molly
Saturday – 1.5M walk with Molly (skipped running group again because I didn’t want to get up at 7AM)
Sunday – nothing

Hopefully this week will see some increased running. I’d like to get at least a few miles in every other day.

I had planned to make it to the spin class again this morning since I really enjoyed it last week, but it didn’t happen. Jon and I were up, but were running behind and neither of us felt super motivated – so we went back to bed and slept for another hour. I have strength training “homework” to do tonight that includes finishing up with 30 minutes of cardio, so I think I might run if it’s still light enough outside when I get to it.

Jon still cooks for the week every Sunday so our weeknights will be easier (weeks he’s home, anyway – I am never able to eat all of the leftovers if he cooks for weeks he travels). Last weekend he attempted Callaloo: garlic, onions, thyme, chives, habanero pepper, red & green peppers, okra, squash, spinach, chicken broth, coconut milk.


Yesterday he grilled a bunch of chicken, roasted a bunch of squash, okra and broccoli and stocked the refrigerator with quick meals.

I’m not sure what else happened last week.

Molly grew, I’m sure. The vet told us she’d likely only gain 5 or so more pounds over the next 4 months (when we think she’ll be a year old), but she gained 6 pounds over the course of the last month, so uhhh … not sure what’s up there.


She and Henry continue to really like each other a lot. She could probably bite his head off if she wanted to, but she doesn’t.


She’s surprisingly gentle with him, which is great since they play/fight CONSTANTLY. He’s much more aggressive with her. Makes sense, I guess, since he’s so much smaller.


She’s super sweet.



So is this one, of course, who will be EIGHT YEARS OLD in a couple of weeks.


Seems crazy.

Also crazy? Deciding to try to groom him myself after all of those 8 years. Worked out fairly well – to my complete surprise.


Time flies. Definite reason to spend it wisely, IMO.