I’m panicking a little this morning about the half marathon. I started the new training plan with the 5K on Jan 1 and then made it to ONE running group practice (and one core class and one separate strength training session) before being sideswiped by the flu.

I woke up on Friday, the 10th, and was so tired and sore that I had difficulty getting ready for work. I should have known something was up when I found myself stretching out on the floor for a nap because I thought the bed would be too much work (I had already made it, didn’t want to redo it). I thought I was sore because I’d spent the previous three nights doing the core class, a 4 mile run and then a strength training session. It was a weird sore, though, that didn’t make sense since I’m not THAT out of shape. I guess I now know what “body aches” really means.

I had a super busy day planned that included back to back clients and a late afternoon meeting, so I plowed through. I remember talking to my boss in the parking lot a little after 5PM, though, and thinking to myself that I might get in my car and call Jon and ask him to come get me because I was just DONE. I had zero energy to drive home. (But I drove home.)

Walked in the door and my fever was 101.9. Thirty minutes later it was 102.3. Jon called the express clinic I’d just been to that Monday (where I’d been diagnosed with a sinus infection and given an antibiotic), but I didn’t feel well enough to get back in the car and go anywhere. I went the next morning, though, and they swabbed my nose and diagnosed me with the flu (type A) – AND the sinus infection that was still lingering.

I spent last weekend in my bedroom completely isolated from Jon and his (pregnant) daughter (which seems to have worked, though Jon also took a preventive dose of Tamiflu). The doctor mentioned that dogs can catch a version of the flu, so they had to stay out, too, until my fever was down.


I was bored, but I was mostly delirious/out of it. I couldn’t focus my brain to read because I felt so awful, the TV was just annoying and I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t breathe. Misery.

My fever finally broke on Monday, so I tried to go back to work on Wednesday. I made it half a day and then came home and slept the rest of the afternoon.

I’m just now – one week since being diagnosed – feeling mostly normal.

Most concerning is the fact that I haven’t been THIS sick in a really, really long time. I don’t think I caught any sort of cold or other illness at all last winter. I whined about being sick, I’m sure, but NO. I will never again whine about a small cold.

(At least not while this flu is fresh on my mind, anyway.)

I’ve been sort of sick since the very beginning of the year, though. I posted this on Jan 3 and said: Fresh ginger, green tea, lemon, honey and an absolute determination that this illness is NOT HAPPENING.



I’m blaming it on the total junk-fest/laziness that I participated in at the end of the year combined with the stress associated with having a new member of the household and the stress associated with the PhD situation. It’s GOOD stress, but stress nonetheless.

I’m just 100% sure that I set myself up for this.

Anyway. Now that I feel better, I feel like this was a good kick in the butt to make sure I truly focus on the 2014 goal (re-dedication to health).

I’m not sure that I’m up for today’s 5 miles, but I think I’m going to give it a try tomorrow. Hopefully wiping out a week and a day or two of training won’t hurt TOO much.

We just spent our entire morning going over our budget and calendars planning the year. (Something we do every January.)

The exciting news? We picked Iceland!

Jon travels so much professionally that we were able to use frequent flyer miles to get us there for $113 TOTAL. We’re going to have to do some crazy layovers, but fortunately they’re just long enough to make them fun.

On the way, we’re going to have an overnight (20 hours) in Detroit, so we’re going to spend an afternoon/night in Ann Arbor – and then we’ll be in NYC long enough to leave the airport and have dinner somewhere or do something fun there for a few hours, too, before flying to Reykjavík for a week.

Coming home won’t be so crazy, which is good since I’m sure we’ll be ready to be done. It will be exhausting, but worth it. $113!

I would emphasize how fortunate we are, and WE ARE – but the tradeoff to this is Jon’s crazy work travel. He works for these perks, for sure.

I’m excited, of course, and ready to start planning since that’s half the fun (for me). One thing we want to do (somewhat) differently this time? We’re going to try to plan an “active” trip. Not sure what that will look like just yet, but hiking, running a race, etc. will be included, I’m sure. None of our trips are exactly inactive – we just want to be more purposeful in planning outdoorsy/active things to do. The nearly all day hike we did in Ireland is one of the best experiences of my life. Looking for more.

Molly is 6 months old now and weighed in at 52 pounds last weekend.


I have a feeling she’s going to be a giant.