I made it through day 7!

Realistically, I’m feeling great.

Here’s what I’ve been doing:

Day 4 (Thursday):

8AM: 1 hard boiled egg, apple
10AM: 2 beef/spinach muffins
12:30PM: shredded cabbage mixed w/beef/peppers/onions and mustard, pineapple chunks
1PM: plum
4PM : handful of mixed nuts, mini box of raisins, cup of frozen blueberries
8:45PM: spaghetti squash & sauce w/turkey, mushrooms, onion, green pepper

I had to read labels on nearly a million jars of pre-made red sauce in the big box grocery store, but I finally found one that was ok for me to use for dinner. I didn’t have the energy to go to the store that carries our typical (no sugar, etc.) brand since I have a Kroger within walking distance of my back door. Skipped the running group’s core class because Jon arrived home from a trip he’d be on for a while and I wanted to cook dinner and hang out with him. I cheated and weighed because I was curious – down 4 pounds.

Day 5 (Friday):

7:30AM: 3 eggs scrambled in coconut oil
8:45AM: apple
12PM: 2 hamburger patties, tomato slices, side of green beans (Kitt’s Cafe)
4PM: banana
6PM: small handful of nuts
7PM: 2 mini boxes of raisins
8PM: 1 1/2 pork chops, roasted brussels sprouts, sweet potato w/coconut oil & 2 boxes mini raisins

Went to a restaurant for the first time. It worked out well, but I was hungry all afternoon for some reason. Skipped my morning run because I was tired. Planned to do it in the PM after work, but plans changed. No exercise.

Day 6 (Saturday):

6AM: banana, 2 dates
8 miles running – 1 1/2 gels, nuun tablet
10AM: 4 scrambled eggs (in ghee) w/salsa
2PM: apple
4PM: (longhorn steakhouse) salmon w/salad greens, steamed asparagus
7PM: (chickfila) grilled chicken w/lettuce & tomato, fruit cup
9PM: leftover turkey/spaghetti squash sauce, nuts, mini-box of raisins

Saturday was definitely the hardest day. I was nervous about my 8 mile (!) run (6 was previously my best) and didn’t know how to eat beforehand. I’ve never had a gel before (because I’ve never run any long distances and because they seem gross) – but I was concerned about the 8 miles since 6 wiped me out the couple of times I’ve done it. I brought a couple of Jon’s with me, just in case. I know they’re not “approved” on the Whole 30 plan, but I’m SO GLAD I had them. I wound up needing one and a half to get me through and I think I’m a convert. I legitimately just felt so much better both during and after my run.

(Jon ran 10 miles – his first double digit run!)

We rushed home after running to switch gears to drive 2 hours to watch Jon’s child #4’s soccer game. I needed the break of the drive up there after rushing around all morning and running so far, so it was nice to just sit. Getting out of the car once we got there was … interesting.

I struggled with feeling hungry all day, but not wanting to eat anything I could eat. I wanted pizza and nachos and cake and pumpkin donuts and CHEESE. We wound up going to lunch at a steakhouse near her college and I ordered a salad with grilled salmon and a side of asparagus. It was decent enough, but it unleashed some kind of insatiable hunger that was just unreal. I had Jon stop at a Chick-fil-A on the way out of town because I was just DYING – and then I ate again when we got home.

Fun day, though, despite the leg and back aching misery from the run – and despite the fact that I had to stand for 2 straight hours (to have shade).

(I’m hoping this whole thing helps with the acne that has sprouted up on my chin and seems to be sticking around/growing. Also – the (unseen here, obv) dark circles under my eyes.)


(Dorm visiting hours prevented him from going up, so we sat outside and waited. Trying to refuse my pictures.)


Day 7 (Sunday):

8AM: eggs scrambled with ghee, kale, sweet potato, onion, green pepper


11AM: mixed nuts, chunks of pineapple
1PM: (Panera) “hidden menu” power salad w/ chicken and olive oil
6:45PM: grilled pork chop, grilled chicken thigh, sautéed spinach
7:30PM: 2 mini boxes of raisins
9PM: 1 deviled egg

I felt much better yesterday/Sunday (hunger-wise). My body had pretty much fully recovered from the run, too. We grocery shopped and cooked and prepared for the week and all that. No exercise.

It’s a down week on the running schedule, so I’m looking forward to a lighter week.