I’ve been keeping a rough journal (via evernote) of the Whole 30 situation to see if any patterns emerge re: how I feel.

Here’s a copy and pasted version of what I’ve documented:

Day 1:

5:15 AM: Banana on my way out the door.
1 hour with trainer
Breakfast: 1 deviled egg, 3 hard boiled eggs & frozen blueberries
Lunch: 1 deviled egg, 1 spinach/beef muffin, salad greens w/ground beef/peppers/onion, salsa and cilantro on top, apple
3 PM snack: pistachios & pineapple chunks
Body Flow @ gym
Dinner: Meatballs, a plain sweet potato, raw carrots
Snack before bed: handful of cashews and almonds
Feeling good. A little hungry throughout the day and after dinner, but nothing crazy.

Day 2:

7AM: Banana
10:30AM: 3 hard boiled eggs
Noon: salad greens w/beef/peppers/onions, cilantro & salsa, apple
2PM: 3.5 beef/spinach muffins
3:45PM: 2 deviled eggs
5PM: banana w/almond butter
RunKNOX hills (5 miles of activity)
8PM: salsaritas bowl – double chicken, double guacamole, lettuce, tomato, onion, salsa, cilantro
Feel great! No sleepy crashes after lunch.

Day 3 (today):

5AM: banana
5 miles slow run (tired and sore from hills last night)
7AM: pineapple chunks
8AM: 3 hard boiled eggs, apple
12PM: salad greens w/beef/peppers/onions, 1 roma tomato, 1 avocado and salsa on top
3PM: plum, pistachios
4:45PM: 1 wasabi sea snax
6PM: salsaritas bowl – double chicken, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, onion, salsa, cilantro

I’m feeling really great today. I’d been experiencing some pretty significant afternoon crashes each day for the past few months (after lunch), but I seem to have leveled out somewhat. I’m not falling asleep at my desk this week, anyway.

I was pretty fatigued this morning during my run. It was less than 24 hours since my pretty intense hill workout. 5 miles twice in a row like that is just going to be difficult for me – but I survived. I woke up hungry, but was too scared to eat anything more than a banana because of some nausea. I’m not eating gels or beans or any of that, but I think I’m going to have to start getting up earlier and eating more than a banana for runs hitting the 5 mile range.

I’m not weighing or measuring anything. Just eating whatever I want whenever I feel hungry. I think about chocolate almonds every.single.night, but I swear it’s just an addiction. I’m finding that I don’t REALLY want them – It was just something I’d become accustomed to doing each night.

I have 8 MILES on the plan for Saturday. I’ve decided that I’m going to do them 1 mile at a time. It’s the only way I can (mentally) tackle it.

Those deviled eggs I referenced up there? The friend I talked into doing this with me made them over the weekend and shared. Homemade mayo, hot mustard & lox. SO GOOD.