I had my first colonoscopy on Thursday.

OMG. I am SO going to be nicer to Jon when he does the prep (since he has to do this much more regularly than me).

My doctor has a website that I had to order a prep kit and instructions from, so this is what I got:


It seems like each doctor does things a little differently. Jon’s GI doctor has one way, his surgeon had another – and now my doctor had me order this kit. Whatever works, I guess, but this was a little wasteful since I don’t eat jello and didn’t need the chicken broth or the “complimentary tush wipes.”

I had to start at NOON on Wednesday, which meant I had to take half a day off (and all of Thursday, of course) since I didn’t want to start this shebang at work.

Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT complaining. Well, yes I am. I am VERY thankful this sort of screening exists. It saved Jon’s life. I would do it again in a heartbeat. No question. But it’s also awful.

It seems like there HAS to be a better way. I hope somebody’s working on it. I think I’m off Gatorade for life.

I’m totally fine (colon-wise). I had all kinds of anxiety going into it since I have cancer paranoia and some PTSDish responses to the GI office, in general (same practice/facility as Jon, different doctor) – but I survived.

The doctor recommended I do it again in 10 years (at 42) given my family history (my mother began having polyps at an early age and her brother was diagnosed with stage 2 or 3 colon cancer at ~60), so hopefully I’ll be over the prep trauma by then.

I have been so busy lately with work and running and general life maintenance that I can’t remember if I posted that I ran 5 miles for the first time last Saturday.


I had to walk a little a couple of times, but still. 5. MILES.


I am still in shock each time I hit a new mile since I never really thought I’d make it past ONE.

I did it again this morning.


(I’ve determined that the HR monitor is throwing off the calories burned each time I wear it. There’s no way the average HR is correct – and no way I burned so few calories. Apparently it’s a known problem.)

I went into it wanting to improve and wind up with an average pace <12. Barely squeaked by (since I had to walk up a hill or two), but I did it.

I still can't believe how much I love this given how much I previously hated it.

It's the group (RunKNOX). Signing up to train with other people has turned out to be one of my better ideas, no doubt. I love it.

The summer session is technically over, but the coach is very kindly rolling us all into fall with continued training for the next few weeks – so I’m keeping on. The schedule is super relaxed, though, and I’m definitely taking advantage of the “OR rest” when given an opportunity to run or take a rest day. See:

Monday (7/15) – nothing
Tuesday – hills (+ 3M there and back)
Wednesday – 3M + 4 strides
Thursday – Body Pump @ gym
Friday – nothing
Saturday – 5M
Sunday – nothing
Monday – Body Flow @ gym
Tuesday – 3M + 4 strides
Wednesday – nothing (fasting/colonoscopy prep)
Thursday – nothing (colonoscopy)
Friday – nothing (lazy)
Saturday (today) – 5M

I’ve decided to definitely sign up for the half marathon program for the fall. I’m still not sure what race I’m going to do, but I’m aiming for mid-December. RunKNOX is doing a destination race as the fall training goal – Kiawah Island (near Charleston, SC) on Dec 14 – so there’s a very good chance I’ll be doing that.

The chart thing I previously mentioned is going well, I guess, in that I’m aware I should be making decent choices each day – I’m just not necessarily making those decent choices on a regular basis yet. I’ve been at 166 just about every time I’ve weighed lately, which is a solid 4-6 pounds higher than my norm. I generally drop pretty easily after vacations and things like that, but I think I’ve pushed it too much this time around thinking I wouldn’t have to put forth much effort. I think I was pushing it too much before vacation, too, honestly.

Not only have I noticed that my lunch packing habits were slipping, but I’ve noticed that I’ve been doing things like this:


And this:


And this:


…. with too great a frequency.

There is NOTHING wrong with eating these sorts of things – unless it’s nearly daily.

Jon and I have been going out to breakfast just about every weekend, which, like I said, is fine – I’ve ALWAYS done this – but I haven’t ordered things like french toast or pancakes in YEARS. The past month or so, though? No hesitation.

So, I’m doing things like continuing to weigh and pre-package and pack my lunch since the chart …


… and I continue to plan ahead and do well at home.

I’m just not staying at home enough. And I’m making choices that aren’t going to lead to continued weight stability when I’m not at home (though that pizza above was homemade – by Jon, of course).

Anyway. I know it seems silly to care about 4-6 pounds, but I care. I have to care. Those 4-6 pounds are just the physical manifestation of something larger.

Plus it turns out smaller clothes are much less forgiving.

(I did weigh 164 the day of the colonoscopy, but uhhh … no way in hell is it worth the drama it took to get there – so it doesn’t count.)