I ran 4 miles in a row this week – on two separate occasions!

What has happened to me?

I seriously can’t believe I’ve gone from not being able to run a quarter of mile when we did our time trial (around Jan 1) to running 4 miles (around Jun 1).

Here’s the breakdown for the week:

Last Sunday, I was feeling super sore from last Saturday’s group run (I did 3 miles) + circuit (which was all lunges & squats). It was stormy and extremely humid outside and we mostly moped around at home on the couch until we grew tired of being indoors and drove downtown between storms to walk and talk. We had no plan – just wandered and bitched about how much our legs hurt.


Another storm rolled in and I probably would have petitioned to run back to our car to avoid the downpour – except I was so sore I just couldn’t find the motivation.


On Monday, I went to Body Flow at my gym right after work. After that, Jon and I did what was on our training schedule for the day: 4 miles for me, 5 for him.

I was nervous about it because I’d never run anything beyond a 5k – and I generally struggle with that.

I talked myself into doing 2, then walking 2. Then, once I hit 2, I talked myself into doing 3 and walking 1. Then, once I hit 3, I wasn’t willing to give up. So – I jogged all 4. I felt like I slowed tremendously on the hills, but never stopped to walk.


Tuesday night we had the group, which meant a warm-up jog around the parking lot where we meet + drills (lunges, high knees, shuffle, etc.), then a warm-up lap on campus once I got to the UT track (since I drove – others run over, but I’m not ready for that distance yet), then the plan was 6×800 at my 5k pace with 2 min rest between each effort.

I almost never record Tuesday night work because we generally do stuff like this and I hate to constantly mess with my phone to pause and restart it.

Warm-up lap on campus – distance is likely accurate, but I left it running after I stopped to walk and listen to instructions for what was next:


This is likely not totally accurate, either, because I kept forgetting to pause when I’d first stop for the 2 min recovery:


I did about 4 and a half of the 800s vs. the 6 I was supposed to do. It was HOT/sunny/humid + I was tired + I was hungry + I hadn’t brought any water. Just an off day. I felt miserable. I think this is the first time I haven’t forced myself to finish a planned work-out. I was just done at 4.

I took Wednesday off instead of doing the 15% weekly mileage run on the training schedule.

Thursday is technically a day off (or 30 minutes of cross training). We went to the core class led by the running coaches and did that (squats, mountain climbers, planks, etc.). Afterward, Jon wanted to do the Wednesday run that we’d skipped. He ran 5 miles. I leisurely walked a little over 3 while reading blogs on my phone, catching up on twitter and talking to a friend for a while. It was nice.


On Friday, we had a 10% weekly mileage run on the schedule, so I did 2 miles (and I think Jon did 2.5) after dinner with Jon, his child #3 and one of her friends. It was raining a little – but I’ll take that over the glaring sun any day.


Yesterday (Saturday), we had the group again. We meet at 7:30a each week and do a warm-up lap around the parking lot + the drills – then we all split off and do whatever it is our group is doing. For me, that meant 4 miles again. I was a little nervous about my ability, but I wound up starting out with 2 others in my group who are at about my pace.

I wound up really enjoying it because our pace was slower than my norm. We talked the whole way + it was cool + not as humid + we were on a shady greenway. Just a nice morning.


We had a circuit work-out to do after the run, which consisted of push-ups, fancy planks, lunges, etc. I’m super sore again this morning – as I was last Sunday – it’s just my arms this time vs. my legs.

Today? I don’t know. I’ll probably take it as a complete rest day even though I should make up the run I skipped on Wednesday night (since I’m not counting that leisurely 3 mi walk on Thursday night).

I’m thinking about going Garmin shopping later. I’m not hard-core training for anything since I’m mostly still just learning to run, but I don’t think I have the ability to monitor my pace with any of the apps I have. On Tuesday night, I just had to trail someone who WAS able to monitor pace. I think I’ve stuck with this long enough to invest a little money.

Since we’re busy just about every night, we don’t have much time to cook and/or think about meals. We ate as late as 9p one night, which is generally when we’re ready to go to bed. I’ve been eating a lot of quick meat + cheese + hummus + spinach roll-ups and Jon has been eating a lot of leftover grilled meat and cottage cheese. The after-work running + the heat generally leads me to NOT want to eat a lot at night, so I’ve been waking up starving.

This weekend, I’ve been all about the sugar, so I baked oatmeal + raisin + chocolate chunk cookies. I sent a bunch home with a couple of Jon’s kids + froze a bag full + ate a fair amount. I’m good for another couple of months or so.