Well, we went to Henry’s ophthalmology appointment at UT’s Veterinary Hospital on Wednesday morning and wound up leaving him for surgery. We knew we wanted to do the surgery should they suggest it – I guess we just weren’t prepared for it to happen so quickly. They whisked him away before I had much of a chance to realize I’d be leaving him for the next 2 nights.

He was a great candidate for the surgery since his cataracts were both extremely immature and since he’s in good health, in general – so it went well. He came home on Friday afternoon looking a little pitiful, but his vision has been completely restored. It was immediately noticeable to us that he can see very well again.


I recognize that we’re very fortunate to have the means to do this.


I just couldn’t imagine willfully allowing him to be blind for the rest of his life.


They told us – several times – that this would be a time-consuming undertaking. I don’t think I fully understood until I typed up a medicine chart when we got home to keep everything straight.


Looks like he’ll be going to work with Jon each day since neither of us are home – or close enough – to do several of the daytime doses.

We left him for a little while yesterday (Saturday) morning to run and came home to some squinting, so we called and wound up back at the hospital.


He’s developing a small corneal ulcer, but we caught it quickly and they changed the meds a little and all seems to be well today (Sunday). He’s definitely back to being his perky little self. He seems to be managing with the cone just fine, too. Good thing, I guess, since it’s at least a 3 week situation.


The staff at UT is PHENOMENAL. They are so kind and professional and all that jazz. I’m glad we chose to take him there.

I’ve talked Jon into doing RunKNOX with me this time around. We’re doing this one:

Run.0 is a 12-week training program (April 30-July 23) for individuals looking to gain a hands-on all-inclusive introduction to the sport of running. Throughout this program, we will focus on the basics of running, including form and efficiency. We will not run a lot of mileage, but we will do some pace and form-enhancing quality work such as hills, drills, strides, fartleks & core strengthening. This program will provide you coach and peer support as it seeks to change your view of running and help you become an engrained member of the RunKNOX community.

Program Details
12-week program: April 30, 2013 – July 23, 2013

• Tuesday at 6:00pm
• Saturday at 7:30am
• Thursday at 6:00pm (optional core class)
Where: Tennessee Sports Medicine Group/Cherokee Mills Fitness Center

There are 2 other options – all meeting at the same time/together:

SumSPEED is a 12-week training program (April 30-July 23) for individuals who feel “the need … for speed!” This program will focus on athletes who are looking to become a more dynamic runner and find gears they didn’t know they had.

SumBASE is a 12-week training group (Apr. 30-July 23) for individuals ready to take a long-term approach to running a strong fall Half/Full Marathon next Fall/Winter.

I don’t feel ready for either of those yet. Soon, I hope!

I ran a few miles yesterday morning and struggled quite a bit with a stomach revolt. I had to walk around mile 2 and again around mid-mile 3 but I got it all done just before it started raining.


I ate chili the night before and wound up feeling kinda crappy all night – and definitely felt it during the run – so I’m really going to have to work on eliminating beans from my diet. I think I determined that they’re a problem back in January when I reintroduced them during (or after?) the paleo(ish) diet. Not really a hardship, so I need to just DO IT. I hate feeling fine as I run – except for my damn stomach.

I haven’t weighed myself to determine if I’ve stayed at 159. I guess we’ll see on April 30 when I finish up this “challenge.” I’m going to say that I’m likely back up to 162 or 163 given history. Also? I’ve eaten ice cream every day for just about the past week (for all kinds of reasons from kids asking to take a trip to Bruster’s to it just being in the freezer) + we had pizza last night + we had a huge Mexican lunch one day + we ate dinner out somewhere a few times during the past week. I’ve been over my calorie allotment by many hundred calories for several days in a row because it’s just been one of those weeks. Not a spectacular end to the month, but it’s ok.

My ongoing whine: it’s just so easy to maintain around 162. I read other blogs and see how rigid some people are when they’re trying to maintain a big loss like mine and I’m just … not. I don’t think I am, anyway. I’ve fully embraced the 80/20 thing … and it works.

Still trying to work up the nerve to just be done. Can’t quite commit to this being the end of the weight loss line just yet – but I have a solid argument in place. April’s (mostly) intuitive eating maintaining might be what pushes me over the edge.