I have no idea what happened to last week. It seems like I blinked and here we are at another Monday.

I felt unwell and run-down (tired + constant headache) most of the week, so I skipped a couple of runs. The training program core class ended, too, so I didn’t have that. I also missed Body Flow on Monday night because I was stuck at a dermatology appointment on the other side of town (annual check-up). I very much like routine + very much like (and need) regular exercise, so I felt out of sorts all week.

I did 3 miles pretty late Thursday night – but it was awful. I was grumpy and tired and had zero motivation – and didn’t even have time to get to it until my normal bedtime – but I knew I’d feel better if I forced it.

It was dark + so cold my fingers froze. These days? Cold? This:


This has been happening to my fingers and toes all winter. I had no idea what was going on until someone I was working with one day complained about the temperature of our environment and mentioned having Raynaud’s. I took a mental note and went home and googled it – and diagnosed myself.

If you have primary or secondary Raynaud’s, cold temperatures or stress can trigger “Raynaud’s attacks.” During an attack, little or no blood flows to affected body parts.

As a result, the skin may turn white and then blue for a short time. As blood flow returns, the affected areas may turn red and throb, tingle, burn, or feel numb.

In both types of Raynaud’s, even mild or brief changes in temperature can cause Raynaud’s attacks. For example, taking something out of the freezer or being exposed to temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit can cause your fingers to turn blue.

My fingers have never turned blue, but they will be white by the time I get from my office to my car on really cold days. Considering the level of my hypochondria, I’m surprisingly calm about this. It’s just annoying.

ANYWAY. I’ve put off buying decent gloves + something to cover my ears + any actual running stuff, in general, because I keep telling myself that a new season is coming … and that I might not stick to this … but I think I’m wrong on both counts. (Especially since today? SNOW.)

I weighed myself yesterday for the first time since the last time I mentioned it here. 162. Same as always.

Nothing much has changed food-wise. I’m still counting via myfitnesspal, but I don’t count to restrict. I wind up around 2000 calories most days that Jon’s home. I’m sure it’s pretty obvious how that happens, but here’s a reminder:

Breakfast yesterday morning: sweet potato + bacon + onion + butter + cinnamon + garlic hash with eggs.


We try to keep the restaurants to a weekend only thing, so we did that, too (I ate half of this):


I still waffle back and forth about restricting calories to lose some fat – but I’m just not sure I’m ready to commit yet.

I’d like to have my body fat calculated to see where I stand, but life and eating and exercise are just so easy right now.

As with everything that’s transpired over the past 5 years, this whole thing is an evolving process. I’m sort of ready to be DONE, but I’m not sure how to be done. I don’t know that I CAN be done when I realistically have 10-15 pounds of fat I could lose.

But why not?

I’m getting tired of thinking about it.

My first 5k – to run – is in 2 weeks. I still haven’t run the full distance, but I can do 3 miles, so surely I can survive it.

Honestly – it scares me. I really can’t believe that I’ll be able to do it.

I’m doing another running training program. Starts in May. So excited!