I should have clarified when I said I’m thinking about doing another paleo(ish) challenge throughout March. Nothing has radically changed – I just became a little looser in my choices and went back to a much more casual mindset.

I’d guess that I mostly do the 80/20 thing and most of what I eat is unprocessed, etc. without much thought – out of preference and natural inclination. I am just not super strict about things like daily doses of chocolate covered raisins. I was thinking that I might start watching my carbs a little more throughout March and might cut the indulgent restaurant meals to zero and might take the chocolate covered raisins back to a weekend only thing.

Then – I weighed myself and found that I weigh exactly the same. Then – I thought about how I feel JUST FINE and about how my clothes seem to be looser since I’ve started running more. Then – I ate a bagel for dinner last night and enjoyed the hell out of it. So. I don’t think it’s going to happen this month. My deal with myself? No food weirdness unless it’s fun. I had fun with it in January. Seems like work now.

I’m keeping on with myfitnesspal because I like it. Super easy.

OMG the running! I love it!

I mean, I hate it when I’m doing it – but I missed it all week (since it was a down week). I woke up incredibly grumpy one day and wound up irritated that I was supposed to have another rest day. If I have learned ANYTHING over the past 5 years, it’s that exercise is key to sanity – for me.

I had one thing on the schedule for the week (other than a couple of days of cross training): 36 mins of 3/1.



I am seeing definite progress. This was a little slower than my last effort, but barely.

I’m REALLY looking forward to better weather. It was cold + windy + snowed + was miserable. I had to wear sunglasses despite the lack of sun to keep the snow out of my eyes.

I felt great the rest of the day, though.

Jon’s in Santiago, Chile this week. (SO JEALOUS.) He’s in the midst of trying to lose some of the weight gained after the cancer situation – and he’s having success – but I swear I have no idea how he does it while traveling all of the damn time.

I’ve mentioned that he eats sardines just about every day, right? That’s not just at home. He usually packs multiple tins of them + several avocados (when traveling in the US) and he’s been known to take Green SuperFood (pond water) packets. He sometimes packs jump ropes and things like that, too. This time, he took a Thera-Band.

Our insurance company sent this to us a couple of years ago. I had no idea what it was at the time. He swears they’re best suited as a solution to the head-falling-forward problem when trying to sleep on a plane.


(I have no doubt he’ll actually use that thing to tie his head back.)

I told him to take pics of his food to send to me, so we’ll see. I’m extremely curious about what he’ll eat all week.

His lunch today looks decent:


He often has a plan of some sort from his trainer for stuff he can do in his room and he runs and utilizes the stairs for cardio exercise, etc… but I know it just sucks for him to be away and busy and tired – in general – especially in an unfamiliar country (with a language barrier).