I left work at a decent time last night – and had NO plans since it’s a down week on the running schedule – so I had time to catch up on some blog reading.

Found these macaroons, had the stuff on hand, decided I needed them, so went for it (well, WE went for it – it was a joint effort when Jon got home since my motivation/interest generally greatly declines shortly after writing a recipe down).

He cut the recipe in half, but then added an extra T of coconut butter … and he just sort of estimated everything without measuring, including the salt (which is the only ingredient not listed below, but is imperative).

Really simple.


Took about 10 minutes, tops – especially since my role in the whole thing was to roll them into balls. I just did some quick squishing.


These things have the balance I like: sweet enough to satisfy my craving for ALL THE SUGAR + dense and rich enough to make me stop at one (ok, two).