Day 28:

164.0 today.

The barfy problem went away overnight and I’m completely fine today, so I think I might have issues with beans. My stomach rumbled and hurt and was ridiculous in ways I haven’t experienced all month – and haven’t experienced today – so I’m thinking I might have to lay off the beans indefinitely.

Everything was typical today.


It’s nice that Jon cooked yesterday. Dinner took about 15 minutes – just long enough to microwave the squash.


I didn’t make it to Body Flow tonight because I went straight from work to the vet to meet Jon and Henry (so Jon could make it to his appointment with his trainer).

I took Henry to the vet last Monday because his eye had been runny + swollen. It looked like he had some sort of infection or irritation. The vet prescribed an antibiotic and said he’d be fine. Yesterday, though, Henry wouldn’t open his eye. He was ok first thing in the morning, but gradually got worse – to the point that we almost took him to a nearby 24 hour emergency vet. He’s a VERY energetic dog and sticks right to us nearly constantly, so it was weird that he was moping around and squinting and super lethargic and not very interested in hanging out with us. Also? His eye looked weird – hazy and blueish white. Still looks that way.

I become hysterical pretty easily about stuff like this, in general, so I was convinced he was dying and barely slept last night. I checked on him every time he moved.

He seemed to be squinting much less this morning and had his eye open, but I came home at lunch and he was squinting again and seemed very reluctant to open his eye – so Jon wound up taking him to the vet this afternoon.

The vet thinks he’s developing (or has developed) a cataract since there’s no scratch/ulcer. He gave us a steroid ointment – and we’re continuing the antibiotic from last week – but I don’t know.

The local university has a veterinary school, so I’m going to ask for a referral to their ophthalmologist if he isn’t significantly better by next week.

Like I said: hysterical. My stomach has been hurting all day from the stress and now I have a headache from crying. Jon didn’t really make it any better when he declared that Henry will be considered SENIOR in a few months when he turns 7 – according to some chart on the wall.

He is truly the sweetest boy. We are so lucky.


I know a cataract isn’t the end of the world – and I know it can be corrected surgically if it impacts his vision. I just want time to STOP.