Day 27:

164.5 today. I seem to gain 2 pounds each weekend for no discernible reason.

Or maybe I’m completely overlooking something? Not sure.

I woke up feeling barfy, so I skipped Jon’s breakfast and just had yogurt. We had leftover chili for lunch, which made the barfy feeling worse, so I took a nap instead of exercising.

Jon spent several hours this afternoon cooking for the upcoming week: meatballs, chicken legs & thighs and Italian sausage (spaghetti) sauce. I ate a little of some of it for dinner when I woke up + some spinach.


Now? Ready for bed again. Crossing my fingers that this barfy problem is coming from the beans I ate in the chili last night and at lunch. I haven’t had beans in almost a month, but didn’t think it would be a huge deal. Maybe (hopefully) it is.