Day 26:

163.0 today. Up a pound.

Great day.

Jon made breakfast.


While he made breakfast, he mistakenly told me about an upcoming (business) trip to San Francisco. By noon, we’d finagled our way into a free weekend (preceding the business stuff) with all of our points + perks + rewards. So! That’s exciting. I don’t know a dang thing about San Francisco and didn’t have time to do much research after we figured out the logistical stuff because this had to happen:



I checked my app at about 35 minutes to see how far I was from 5k. I wasn’t too far off, so I tried to make it under 40 minutes. Official time was 39:18.

I thought my official New Year’s 5k time was 44 minutes for some reason, but I checked today. It was 41:56. So I lied when I said that I’d shaved 4 minutes off my time last week or so. I’m getting close now, though.

I’m pretty happy to see some improvement in just 3 weeks. My average pace was 13:30, so that’s improved somewhat, too.

I guess – as with most things – consistency is key. I’m needing the walks much less (mostly meaning I recover pretty quickly) and I’m actually enjoying the process (if not the drudgery of actually running).

I ate yogurt + blueberries + some rotisserie chicken when we got back from the jog/walk.

Jon made a big pot of chili once we got home – for me – because I had several friends over for dinner tonight – which was much needed and very fun.


He and Henry retreated to the basement for most of the night and hung out until everyone left.


They’re waiting for me now to go to bed. We just can’t make it to 11p these days.

(I’m the luckiest.)