Day 25:

162.0 today. I think that’s the lowest yet, but I can’t fully remember. I think I’ve mostly been 162.5 and above, so maybe I’m a few ounces lower now? Not really a momentous occasion since 162 is my norm – but I’ll take it.

The ice happened.


I don’t really know how bad it was because my TV was out for a large portion of the day and I didn’t leave my house – but twitter tells me it was pretty slick.


I took these pictures once it started melting and I could walk on my sidewalk without wiping out – which almost happened this morning.

Delta wouldn’t issue a weather waiver and change Jon’s flight when he asked last night despite the 90% chance of ice + NOAA warnings issued for this morning. The chance of severe weather wasn’t significant enough. $600 change fee to leave last night vs. this morning. More than the cost of the original ticket. So – OF COURSE his morning flight to Knoxville was canceled because of the weather.

He made it from Toronto to Detroit and was re-booked on a much later flight to Knoxville (via a different airline) routed through Dallas. He somehow sweet-talked his way on to a “full” direct flight from Detroit to Knoxville, though, via the Sky Club woman and wound up getting home just 7 hours later than scheduled.

You would think that we would be used to this BS given all of his traveling, but it just sucks. I fully expected him to spend the night in Detroit or Dallas and was seriously disappointed.

I’ve been grumpy all day because he has traveled 3 weeks in a row now and I’ve had a snow day that I’ve spent ALONE and I just want to order a fucking pizza and I can’t even exercise to burn some of the angst off and GODDAMN.

Anyway. He’s home now.

My eating was a little weird today because I waited until nearly 11:30 to eat breakfast. Not sure what’s going on with me since I wasn’t hungry last night and wasn’t hungry this morning.

I finally ate yogurt + honey + blueberries + nuts.


I waited until nearly 4 to eat “lunch” – which turned out to be a quick salad and an orange I found in the back of the refrigerator.

Jon and I had dinner together. Not my finest moment this month, but it totally fueled me emotionally, if not physically.


That’s a hamburger + pimento cheese + onions + a jalapeno. I ate some of the fries, but not nearly all. I think this is the first time I’ve gone over 150 carbs all month.


I’m feeling antsy to do my running thing. I hope I’m not totally losing my mind. I’ve had 3 days off now since I skipped Wednesday, yesterday was the core circuit thing and today was too icy. Ready to get on it. The group thing has been cancelled for tomorrow, but I think it will probably be safe to try to the high school track.