Day 23:

162.5 today. Down 2 pounds overnight. It’s a good thing I really don’t care very much (at all) about small weight fluctuations. The graph of the month will be interesting.

Food was typical and easy today. I’m eating a ton of yogurt + blueberries lately, but I just don’t feel like eating much else. I added some leftover spicy tuna cakes tonight – but only because I felt like I should.



(A very unappetizing looking) Dinner:

(I thought about eating the nuts as a snack later, but threw them into the yogurt.)


My carbs never go over 150, but I know I should slow down on the honey + blueberries. Just don’t feel like it right now.


I was supposed to do 45 minutes of jog/walk tonight, but didn’t feel like doing that, either. I am SO going to hate myself on Sunday when I’m catching up. I’m just feeling tired (likely why I’m craving the sugar/fruit) and unmotivated.

I tried to bargain with myself and offered a Panera salad in exchange for the jogging – but I couldn’t be persuaded.

We’re supposed to have some sort of ice event again on Friday, so my fingers are crossed the weather people are wrong because I REALLY don’t want to wind up on a treadmill. I don’t know what the hell is going on with East TN weather right now, but I DO NOT LIKE IT.