Day 21:

165 today. Up 2 pounds overnight. Strangely, Jon also gained exactly 2 pounds overnight.

I was off today, but wound up working a few hours this morning before meeting Jon in Oak Ridge for lunch before taking Henry to the vet before working a little more before going to Body Flow.

So, no official work – but I’ve been freakishly busy all day. Nice day, though.

Food was typical. Quickly posting from my phone tonight, so no myfitnesspal info to snip and paste because I don’t know how.

Lunch out with Jon:


We had leftovers for dinner.

Like I said, I went to Body Flow. There was a sub, though, who did yoga instead. By the end, there were 3 of us left. I felt bad for the guy. It was a little weird (one of the women near me commented that she thought we were on candid camera) + wasn’t well planned – but it was worth sticking around for.

Going to bed.