Day 20:

163.0 today. Up half a pound. Still down 6 pounds since January 1.

I had a huge breakfast because I knew we were planning a 40 minute jog/walk + a trip to the gym a few hours after breakfast. I didn’t want to starve + I rarely want to eat right after exercise – so I thought this might work out well.

Jon made turkey sausage via a recipe from his trainer. Also scrambled some eggs. I ate yogurt + blueberries while I waited on him to make the sausage.


One store around here carries full fat yogurt, so I finally picked some up yesterday. I’ve been ok with 2% – and will likely keep on with it since it’s the best available at the grocery store right down the street – but I guess I’ll make the switch when I can. I definitely prefer the full fat version.

I decided to check my BP while I waited on breakfast, too. Turns out maybe THIS is why I’m so tired lately?


I know these things aren’t overly reliable, but several readings were the same – and it’s generally in line with what I hear at doctor appointments – so I’m hoping it doesn’t drop much lower to fainting territory again.

We had a bunch of raw nuts + Jon isn’t so happy that I eat so many Planters nuts (because of the oil used) – so he seasoned and pan fried a big jar full for me. WAY BETTER. Unfortunately for him, I’m on a serious nut kick. He might be doing this fairly frequently.


Lunch was simple (brats & sauerkraut):


For dinner, Jon made Spicy Tuna Cakes. I can’t find a recipe, so I guess you have to buy the app? They didn’t seem to be too elaborate to make. Tuna + a sweet potato + green onions + cilantro + a jalapeno + a little lemon zest + butter + red pepper + eggs mixed together and plopped in a muffin pan. Jon didn’t bother with a muffin pan.

I ate several snacks today – chocolate covered raisins, yogurt + fruit and nuts. Not so bad, but I started to feel like I’d had way too much sugar. The thought of eating any more sugar was totally turning me off. Can’t say that’s ever happened from chocolate covered raisins and a little honey (I estimate high on myfitnesspal).


The jogging thing happened outside on the high school track again. I was motivated to get it done, but I wasn’t super excited to be off my couch. It was the WORST jog/walk I’ve had. I struggled and bitched the whole way and felt as if I was barely moving. I did it – but it just sucked and I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

The weird thing? When I finished, I was telling Jon what the mapmyrun app said and he commented that we were within .08 of doing a 5k – but I had shaved FOUR MINUTES off my time. Might not seem like much, but I was SHOCKED. I checked my avg pace and found that it was the fastest yet. Ever.

I have no idea.

After that, we went to the gym so Jon could do his scheduled work out. Leg stuff. I did it all, too, since he jogged with me.

I really prefer to have one totally lazy weekend day – so I don’t plan to skip any more week day runs. I enjoyed doing this stuff, but would have enjoyed being in my pajamas all morning a lot more.

The rest of the day? I took a short nap, we caught up on TV shows that have been waiting on the DVR and we watched a movie (A Dangerous Method).

Really wishing the weekend didn’t have to end.