Day 19:

162.5 today. Down a pound overnight. Down 3 pounds since I raised my calories by about 550. Doesn’t take much deep thinking to figure out that I’ll likely keep on with the higher calories, huh?

I went to the running thing this morning despite being totally freaked by some serious fog as I drove out to the meetup location. It was dark + so foggy that it seemed as if I could see just a few feet in front of me.

Nobody else doing the 5k program showed, which was totally fucking disappointing. I was too scared to jog in the dark + fog by myself on unfamiliar icy roads/sidewalks – so I wound up sticking around to do the group warm-up and then left with intentions to make Jon do my scheduled thing with me at home.

This is what it looked like when I left about an hour after I’d arrived:


They altered the route because of ice on the greenway (27 degrees this morning when I left home) – but it was still just too creepy for me since I knew very well that all of the other runners would take off and leave me way behind. (My windshield was filthy, but that little figure is one of the runners.)


Somebody is going to have to remind me about all of this when I’m dying from the heat and praying for winter in a few months.

I was really disappointed that I couldn’t just run this morning and couldn’t have at least stayed in sight of others. Motivated me.

Anyway. Jon was with his trainer while I was out doing this – so we met back up at home and went to a nearby high school track since it was mostly ice-free.

I did the run I was supposed to do yesterday (since I took the day off) and am planning to do today’s run tomorrow (and give up the rest day) – so it will all work out and I should be back on track soon.

Breakfast was similar to the others I’ve eaten on Saturday mornings before the early group thing. I generally can’t eat before any sort of exercise – but the eggs + banana seem to be working.

We were given a gift card at the holidays for a steakhouse – so we used it for lunch. Mine:


Jon had me pick out a couple of meals from his Nom Nom Paleo app – so he made crispy smashed chicken tonight (site appears to be down – google it, if interested, I guess – her pics are way better than mine).


I bought some chocolate covered raisins since the chocolate covered something(s) have turned into a thing I’m doing each weekend, I guess.


Nice day.


(I have a picture on Flickr that receives a tremendous amount of hits (for me, obv), so went to see what blog post it might be connected to and discovered that my first published post here occurred 08/08. I specifically remember Jon and I talking about this endeavor and deciding that it might last a month – but here I am going on 5 years later. I’m glad I’ve had this outlet. I guess I had forgotten – or just hadn’t realized – that I wrote here throughout just about my entire weight loss shebang.)